Virtual University PPT Slides

Virtual University PPT Slides

Virtual University – All subjects VU handouts, slides, and past papers for the midterm final term are available here. Our website will help you get 100% marks in MSc and MCS. This website is designed to help you prepare VU Handouts PowerPoint Slides midterm and final term Solved Paper.

Virtual University PPT Slides All students have access to help in Mathematics, Computer Science Statistics, Physics, and Economics. You can get free books for Mathematics, Computer, Statistics and Physics students. Students can also access this site to help with other activities, such as solving assignments, solving quizzes, solving GDB, and more.

Virtual University Handouts – PowerPoint Slides

This website was created for students at all levels, especially VU students. It can assist students who are having difficulties with their studies at VU.

They can improve their skills and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of VU. This is the best platform for VU students in order to meet their educational requirements in the most efficient way. All students have access to VU Handouts PowerPoint Slides Past Paper for all subjects in PDF format.

VU students can assist in subjects such as Computer science, Mathematics and Banking and Finance, Statistics, Economics, and Biology. English, Law, and Management are also available. Psychology and sociology are some of the other areas that VU students can help with. Students can access up-to-date handouts on all subjects at VU. Students can prepare fully for their exams.

Recent Updated VU Notes and PPT Slides & Past papers

All subjects will be presented in video lectures. This allows students to easily grasp their education. Assignments must contain 15% of total marks. Quizzes should have at most 10% marks and GDB should have 5% marks. At least 25%-30% of the total marks for other activities must be included in assignments.

We are glad to welcome students from virtual universities. You will find here Virtual University Handouts PowerPoint slides for all subjects. Your PowerPoint slides can be downloaded in any subject. Slides Listed according to your topic it’s simple to select your subject then click on the required extension subject

Here Virtual University PPT Slides are available. In this section, PPT Slides and you can download in PDF. Keep visiting StudySolution.

Select Your Desired Subject:

Fundamentals Of Auditing And Business (ACC)

ACC311  ACC501


BNK601   BNK604

Computer Science (CS)

CS001   CS101   CS201   CS301   CS302   CS304   CS401    CS402   CS403   CS410    CS411    CS501    CS502    CS504    CS506    CS507   CS508  CS601   CS604    CS605    CS606   CS607   CS609   CS610   CS614   CS615  

Economics (ECO)

ECO401   ECO402   ECO403   ECO404


ENG001   ENG101   ENG201   ENG301

Finance (FIN)

FIN611   FIN621   FIN622   FIN623     FIN624   FIN625   FIN630

Human Resources(HRM)

HRM611   HRM628

Islamic Studies (ISL)




Mass Media (MCM)

MCM101   MCM301     MCM304   MCM310   MCM311   MCM401   MCM404   MCM411   MCM431   MCM501   MCM511   MCM514   MCM515   MCM516   MCM517   MCM520   MCM531   MCM532   MCM601   MCM604   MCM610


MGMT611   MGMT623   MGMT625   MGMT627   MGMT629   MGMT630

Finance And Management(MGT)

MGT101   MGT111  MGT201   MGT211   MGT301   MGT401   MGT402   MGT411   MGT501   MGT502   MGT503   MGT504   MGT520 


MKT501   MKT530   MKT610   MKT611   MKT621

Statistics And Research(STA)

STA301   STA630

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