Islamic Date Today in Pakistan

Islamic Date Today in Pakistan | Today Hijri Date 2023

Did you know today in Pakistan is the 09 of Rabbi ul Awal 1445 in the Islamic calendar? The Islamic date, or the Hijri or Arabic date, follows the moon phases as a lunar calendar. Stay updated with the accurate Hijri date in Pakistan that is refreshed daily.

Islamic Date Today in Pakistan

Did you know the lunar-based calendar determines the Islamic date today in Pakistan?

It consists of 12 Lunar months and spans a year of 354 or 355 days. Muslims must know the exact Islamic date, the Chand ki date.

What’s the Islamic date today in Pakistan?

Today in Pakistan, the Islamic date is 09 Rabbi ul Awal 1445, 26 Sep 2023. These dates are updated daily according to the Hijri calendar (1445 AH) and the Gregorian calendar (2023).

Pakistan, one of the most populous Muslim countries, is interested in the exact Islamic date. It helps people prepare for critical events according to the Islamic calendar 2023. However, it’s worth noting that the moon date, or chand ki date, changes after sunset.

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Looking ahead, what is the Islamic date tomorrow in Pakistan?

Tomorrow, the Islamic date will be 10 Rabbi ul Awal1445. Stay tuned!

Now, if you’re curious about today’s date of the Islamic month, it’s 09 Rabbi1445.

Want to know today’s moon date in Pakistan?

Guess what? It’s also 09 Rabbi ul Awal Safar 1445.

And for those who prefer Urdu

Chand Ki Tarikh today In Pakistan

09 Rabbi ul Awal Safar 1445 in Pakistan.

Stay informed and connected with the Islamic calendar!

Stau with us for latest updates.

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