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by Adeel Ikram

Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies Important MCQs for All Test preparation

Online Test Preparation Islamic Studies Mcqs are out of the foundation of Islam, standard Islamic wisdom and beliefs, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)‘s life span (PBUH) and his partners (R.A),” Quran & Sunnah, Islamic planet and also practices. Most significant of Islamic studies, MCQs Notes and educate. We are aware that Islamic Research is the central portion of any goal variety evaluation. Mostly task Regulations and bureaus prepared tests together with Islamic analysis a percentage of 10 to 20 marks.

Right, The following study solution offers crucial Islamic scientific studies MCQs for several on the web Test preparing distinct evaluations. All these MCQs Are Very Useful for many Kinds of assessment, for example, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS, CTS, ITS, and the other analyzing services.

To what Prophet the Zabur was revealed by Allah?

To what Prophet the Injeel was revealed by Allah?

What companion of Prophet (PBUH) was awarded with the title of “The sword of Allah”?

What companion of Prophet (PBUH) was awarded with the title of “The lion of Allah”?