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CS201 GDB No 1 Solution Spring 2022

by Adeel Ikram

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CS201 GDB No 1 Solution Spring 2022 – VU Assignment Solution – VU Spring Assignment Solution

Today, I’m sharing with you the solution for CS201 GDB No 1 Solution Spring 2022 of Virtual University(VU), which is the 1st GDB of the course. For the most up-to-date assignment solutions, make sure to keep checking back to StudySolution.

CS201 GDB No 1 Solution Spring 2022

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GDB No 1

Spring 2022


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 Solution Below

Scenario: Suppose you are working as a Gaming Application Developer in XYZ Company. Memory management is an important feature when you are working on gaming development, or on large applications. In gaming, high performance and responsiveness are the most important factors. Furthermore, in gaming, environment performance depends on how you are managing the given memory on devices. Considering the requirements given in the above scenario.

Which memory allocation approach will you choose for memory management in terms of high performance and high responsiveness? Static memory allocation or dynamic allocation? Justify your answer with proper reasoning.

Solution: According to a given scenario, in my opinion, dynamic memory is best for gaming development or for large applications. Because in dynamic memory allocation variables get allocated only if your program unit gets active. In dynamic memory allocation when memory is allocated the memory size can be changed and it is more efficient. The best feature is dynamic memory allocation is memory reusability and memory can be freed when not required. As compared to static memory allocation there is no re-usability. In dynamic memory the user can allocate more memory when required and also the user can release the memory when the user needs it.

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