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CS401 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2023

by Adeel Ikram

CS401 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2023 – VU Assignment Solution – VU Fall Assignment Solution

The CS401 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2023 of Virtual University (VU) course assignment and I will share with you today the solution I came up with. Always come back to StudySolution for the most recent updates regarding the answers to your assignments.

CS401 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2023

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Assignment No. 2

Solution Fall 2023


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Students Can Get CS401 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2023 just By Visiting below.


Take an idea and make it yourself please make some changes before submitting.


org 0x0l00

jmp start

Name: db ‘M.junaid Qazi’; store name in memory
CGPA: db ‘3 .47’ ; store CGPA in memory
VUID: db ‘BC190409022’; store VUID in memory
CourseCode: db ‘CS401′; Placeholder for course code
SUM: db ’27’ ; store VUID in memory

;  subroutine to clear the screen

clrscr: push es push ax push ex push di

mov ax, 0xb800

mov es, ax ;  point es to video base

xor di,  di ;  point di to top left column

mov ax,  0x0720 ;  space char in normal attribute mov ex, 2000 ;  number of screen locations

cld ;   auto increment mode

rep stosw ;   clear the whole screen

pop di pop ex pop ax pop es ret

;  subroutine to print a string printstr:

push bp

mov bp, sp push es push ax push ex push si push di

mov ax,  0xb800

mov es, ax ;  point es to video base

mov al,  80 ;  load al with columns per row mul byte [bp+ 10];  multiply with y position add ax,  [bp+ 12]  ;  add x position

shl ax,  1   ;  tum into byte offset

mov di,  ax ;  point di to required location mov si,  [bp+6]  ;  point si to string

mov ex,  [bp+4]  ;  load length of string  in ex mov ah,  [bp+8]  ;  load attribute in ah

cld ;   auto increment mode


lodsb ;  load next char in al stosw ;  print char/attribute pair

loop nextchar ;  repeat for the whole string

pop di

pop SI

pop ex

pop ax

pop es pop bp ret 10


call clrscr ;  call clrscr subroutine

;  Print the name on the screen

mov ax,  1   ;  x position for the name push ax

mov ax,  1   ;  y position for the name

push ax mov ax, 15 push ax

mov ax, Name; push address of the name push ax

push word 13  ;  push length of the name

call printstr  ;   call the printstr subroutine

;  Print the CGPA on the next line mov ax, 1   ;  x position for CGPA push ax

mov ax,  2 ;  y position for CGPA

push ax mov ax,  15 push ax

mov ax, CGPA ;  push address of CGPA

push ax

;  assuming length of CGPA is 7 (including null terminator)

push word 4 ;  push length of CGPA

call printstr  ;   call the printstr subroutine

<!— Baki Code Khud Likhy –

int 0x20 ;  terminate program

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