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MCM301 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2024

by Adeel Ikram

MCM301 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2024 – VU Assignment Solution – VU Fall Assignment Solution

The MCM301 Assignment No. 1 Solution Spring 2024 of Virtual University (VU) course assignment and I will share with you today the solution I came up with. Always come back to StudySolution for the most recent updates regarding the answers to your assignments.

MCM301 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2024

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Assignment No. 1

Solution Spring 2024


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Dear Students not copy past. Do Some Changing otherwise, you will get zero marks

Here are some scenarios for each non-verbal communication cue in Pakistani street markets:
1. Nods and headshakes
Scenario: A vendor, while showcasing handmade jewellery, subtly nods towards a set of earrings as a customer glances at them, indicating their popularity. The customer reciprocates with a confirming nod, signalling their interest in purchasing the earrings.
2. Eye contact
Scenario: Amidst the bustling market, a customer makes fleeting eye contact with a vendor selling spices, conveying curiosity about a particular blend. Sensing the interest, the vendor maintains steady eye contact and gestures for the customer to sample the aromatic spices.
3. Finger pointing
Scenario: As a customer navigates through the maze of fabric stalls, they spot a vibrant pattern that catches their eye. Without a word, the customer subtly points towards the fabric, prompting the vendor to unravel the bolt for closer inspection.
4. Smile
Scenario: A vendor, known for their delectable street snacks, flashes a mischievous grin as a customer approaches, hinting at a special discount for regular patrons. Delighted, the customer reciprocates with an enthusiastic smile, eager to indulge in their favourite treats.
5. Step forward
Scenario: While bargaining over the price of a traditional handcrafted rug, the customer takes a step forward, leaning closer to examine the intricate details. Recognizing the customer’s interest, the vendor follows suit, offering
additional insights into the rug’s craftsmanship

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