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Onic Sim Numbers List Pakistan Golden, Platinum, Purple and Standard

by Adeel Ikram

Onic Sim Numbers List Pakistan Golden, Platinum, Purple, and Standard

Onic Sim was launched in Pakistan on August 14 and can currently be purchased online or from select cities within Pakistan. Many are buying it due to its attractive offers; here, I provide information regarding some of its most valuable features, top numbers, and packages for this SIM.

Onic Sim Numbers List Pakistan Golden, Platinum, Purple and Standard

Are You Searching for an Onic Sim Number and Needing the Ideal One? I have provided the most efficient numbers here so you may obtain one quickly and without hassles.

Onic Sim Numbers Type Wrought Iron This year, On ic Network has introduced four types of numbers. Each variety comes with unique prices, some being low-cost but others more costly.

Onic SIM card Prices

Network Type Onic Sim
Standard Number Free
Purple Rs. 600
Golden Rs. 4,500
Platinum Rs. 22,500

How Many Types of ONIC Sim?

There are four types of Onic sim numbers.

1: Standard Number

2: Golden Number

3: Purple Number

4: Platinum Number

ONIC Standard Number

Onic Network provides Standard Numbers free of charge; to obtain one, you’ll need the ability to choose one of the three packages offered. Below is a selection of standard numbers you may receive.

03394010261 03394010289
03394010254 03394010230
03394010377 03394010248
03394010423 03394010423
03394010095 03394010427
03394010063 03394010074

ONIC Golden Number

At Onic, their golden number costs 4500 rupees, and activation of one of their packages is necessary to activate its SIM. Their golden sim number is easy to remember. Below, you will find their golden numbers.

03394182222 03392055552
03394222284 03394111139
03394111132 033942222293
03394222282 03392039999
03394111133 03394136666
03394155557 03394111179

ONIC Purple Numbers

Onic SIM offers purple numbers at an attractive rate of Rs 600 each, and they’re easy to remember; choose any plan with Onic SIM to purchase this option – all the purple numbers listed below!

03398886705 03398885849
03398886918 03398886409
03398741666 03398884930
03398887910 03398884652
03398734111 03398885719

ONIC Platinum Number

Onic Sim’s most costly number is valued at 22,500 Rupees; its simple reading and writing are highly prized among business owners for this reason alone. Below is a selection of numbers that one quickly remembers – they make good gifts, too!

03392222260 03392222254
03397888881 03398888873
03394222221 03393953333
03394233332 03398733336
03398888875 03392153333
03394133330 03397833338

How to Buy ONIC sim 2023-24

People unfamiliar with Onic’s service might not know where or how they can buy its SIM. Purchase of Onic SIM is easy – all it requires is minutes at home! Order it through an internet merchant; there will be more details in subsequent steps of this guideline.

  • To buy an Onic SIM, visit their official website and select one of three packages before clicking register.
  • After entering your email address to register the account, an email with your verification code will arrive in your inbox – once entered in this field, click “Next.”

  • Both physical SIMs and E-SIM options will be displayed on your screen, allowing you to select your preferred type.
  • After deciding which SIM you would like, like either number 1 to switch over or 4 for number change (the new or old number), choose your unique number from the box below, then continue selecting unique number(s).
  • Once you’ve selected a number, make a note of both your address and personal information.

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