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Online Human Resources Degree Programs

by Adeel Ikram

Best Online Human Resources Degree Programs in 2024

A top-notch human resources specialist can impact an organization’s overall health. Look at these online courses that will assist you in breaking into the industry.

A group of people learn about that how to get Online Human Resources Degree

In terms of business culture and employee welfare, human resources managers are the key players. This is because HR professionals oversee every stage of an employee’s career, including hiring, training, salary, and benefits.

You ought to think about earning a degree in human resources if you think that employees are the most important factor in a company’s success. It’s a fulfilling, adaptable job with good potential for income: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that in 2022, the median yearly income for human resources managers will be $130,000.

The training you need to launch your career can be found in an online HR program, which also offers savings and flexibility. Below is a ranking of all the programs.

Top Online HR Program Rankings Summary

#1 Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
$12,536 $29,737 68%
#2 Florida International University
Miami, FL
$4,721 $16,529 64%
#3 St. Joseph’s University, New York
Brooklyn, NY
$29,976 $29,976 80%
#4 Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA
$41,900 $41,900 78%
#5 Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
$16,488 $29,712 72%
#6 Mercer University
Macon, GA
$29,024 $29,024 75%
#7 Maryville University of Saint Louis
Saint Louis, MO
$24,766 $24,766 92%
#8 Texas A&M University-Central Texas
Killeen, TX
$6,593 $16,385 96%
#9 University of St Francis
Joliet, IL
$35,000 $35,000 68%
#10 Western Governors University
Salt Lake City, UT
$7,162 $7,162 Not provided

Top Degrees in Human Resources Online

The information about these schools is derived from datasets provided by organizations such as the National Center for Education Statistics. These rankings include sponsored results from our partners, which are marked as such. As of the publication date of this article, all information is up to date. Information specific to a program may change.

Is a degree in human resources worthwhile?

Those who are interested in both helping other people and running a successful business could find that a human resources degree is worthwhile.

Human resource professionals typically make decent money, have bright futures for their careers, and find their work to be fulfilling.

“I adore HR because there are always fresh, fascinating challenges to take on,” said Cody Rusher, an associate partner in human resources at Red Ventures who supports corporate technology.

“I get to help leaders get through challenging circumstances. I get to help others find the information and tools they require to advance and flourish. I get to help the business as a strategic planner and consultant and have an impact on people throughout the organization.”

Advantages of a Human Resources Degree

  • Learn how to select, oversee, and develop staff.
  • Learn the principles of accounting, economics, marketing, and business.
  • Recognize successful organizational management.
  • Obtain admission to a variety of lucrative executive positions.

Why Pursue an Online HR Degree?

Your life should not fit education, but rather the other way around. Online courses provide all the necessary flexibility.
Save money on several on-campus fees, moving, and transportation expenses.

Develop soft skills that are crucial to the profession, such as communication, time management, and self-motivation.
Increase your potential income significantly while lowering your opportunity costs.

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