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Atlas Honda CD 70 2024 Launched With New Color And Sticker

by Adeel Ikram

Atlas Honda CD 70 2024 Launched With New Color And Sticker

The highly awaited 2024 model of the Honda CD 70 has been unveiled by Atlas Honda, exhibiting exciting new features such as a new color option and an upgraded sticker for the gasoline tank.

Atlas Honda CD 70 2024 Launched With New Color And Sticker

The introduction of this new model coincides with Atlas Honda’s commemoration of 60 years in the transportation landscape of the nation, highlighting a history that extends beyond a single generation.

The launch of this model is a demonstration of Atlas Honda’s dedication to the development of new trends and technologies within the two-wheeler sector.

The journey of the company over the past six decades is characterized by the enduring link it has built between generations. This relationship represents not just a mode of transportation but also a beloved tradition that has been handed down through the years.

Riders and enthusiasts alike can get excited about the 2024 Honda CD 70 because it symbolizes a unique combination of the brand’s storied past and cutting-edge innovation.

This latest offering reinforces Atlas Honda’s dedication to quality and innovation, opening the path for the next chapter in the ‘Generation to Generation’ tradition. Atlas Honda is continuing to mold the future of mobility, and this latest product reaffirms that dedication.

The iconic design receives a fresh and modern update in the form of an eye-catching new blue hue that will debut on the 2024 Honda CD 70. The new sticker on the fuel tank adds a touch of modernity while yet preserving the bike’s traditional character, making it an excellent complement to the updated color scheme.

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Sticker & Design for the Honda 70 2024 Model

The company has recently unveiled the all-new CD 70 2024 edition, featuring a brand-new sticker design and an exciting addition to its color palette. In addition to the classic choices of red and black, customers can now opt for the captivating shade of blue. For those interested in the latest bike prices, the CD 70 2024 edition offers a compelling option with its updated design and expanded color selection.

This expansion of color options caters to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable experience for all.

Price of the Honda CD 70 Model Year 2024

Price of the Honda CD 70 Model Year 2024

The latest model of the Honda CD 70, available in Pakistan, comes at a price of Rs. 157,900, just like its predecessor. This incredible machine offers an exceptional balance between price and performance, providing riders with an unrivaled experience on the road. Get yours today and embark on an unforgettable journey with the Honda CD 70 2024.

Price of the Honda 125 in Pakistan

Starting August 2023, the price of the Honda 125 in Pakistan has been revised, featuring an additional charge. With a set price of Rs. 2,34,900, it now stands as the priciest model in the 125 series, cementing its position as a premier choice.


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