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Best Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

by Adeel Ikram

Best Home Insurance Companies in Ontario 2024 | Top 3 Insurance Companies in Ontario According to Google Reviews

Ranking the best home and auto insurance companies in Ontario based on customer satisfaction through Google and Trustpilot reviews is a crucial endeavor for our clients at KBD, where obtaining optimal coverage at the best rates is a top priority.

Best Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

In the pursuit of excellence, we’ve established specific criteria for inclusion in our rankings:

1. Companies must be insurers, not brokers.
2. They must offer both home and auto insurance, allowing customers to bundle policies for savings.
3. Services must extend to the province of Ontario.
4. Only companies with Ontario-specific reviews are considered.

Our top three best-rated insurance companies in Ontario, according to Google reviews, are as follows:

1. Desjardins:

ken mccafferty desjardins insurance agent reviews

Rating: 4.9
Provincial Average: 4.5
– A direct insurance company offering both home and auto coverage throughout Ontario.
– Second-largest insurer in Canada and a significant financial institution.

2. Belairdirect:

belairdirect insurance toronto google reviews

Rating: 4.1
– A direct insurance company with over 70 years of experience, owned by Intact Financial Corporation.
– Provides both home and auto insurance, allowing customers to call directly for coverage.

3. The Co-operators:

Co-operators - RJB Insurance Group Inc

Rating: 4.7
– A direct insurance company with a nationwide presence and numerous agents in Ontario.
– Despite varying reviews, holds a respectable provincial average Google rating of 4.

As a starting point for your insurance decisions, these rankings offer valuable insights. It’s essential to narrow down your choices based on your needs and verify that the selected companies offer the specific coverage you require. We understand that not all insurers provide specialty coverages.

Additionally, we acknowledge other top home and car insurance companies in Ontario that, while not making the top three, have commendable customer satisfaction:

  • Allstate (Provincial Average Rating: 3.6)
  • Intact Insurance (Provincial Average Rating: 3.3)
  • RBC Insurance (Provincial Average Rating: 3.2)
  • The Personal (Provincial Average Rating: 3.2)
  • TD Insurance (Rating Not Specified)
  • Gore Mutual (Provincial Average Rating: 2.8)
  • Aviva (Provincial Average Rating: 2.5)

Feel free to explore these options, keeping in mind the unique aspects of each company and its offerings. If you’re ready for a quote, don’t hesitate to contact KBD, your Ontario home and auto insurance broker.

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