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Microsoft 365 Education A Must-Have Tool for Teachers And Students

by Adeel Ikram

Microsoft 365 Education A Must-Have Tool for Teachers And Students

Teachers, students, and other employees working in educational institutions are required to have access to resources regardless of whether or not they are physically present in the classroom.

Microsoft 365 Education A Must-Have Tool for Teachers And Students

This is because remote learning is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Additionally, Microsoft 365 Education is a solution that is both cost-effective and provides access to necessary technologies.

This solution was developed exclusively for the educational sector, to empower educators to foster creativity and encourage teamwork while also simplifying the process of virtual learning.

Educational institutions stand to gain a great deal from this Office 365 Educational License, and each of the packages that go under this plan comes with a variety of different alternatives. Assist you in selecting the option that is most suitable for you!

Does Microsoft 365 Education Come with All of These Features?

Because Microsoft Education offers a variety of plans, you might be curious about the features that are included in each of them. There are three distinct plans available for usage with the Office 365 Educational License: Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3, and Office 365 A5.

Office 365, version A1

The Office 365 A1 plan is the most fundamental option. In addition, it is free of charge for classroom instructors as well as students. While it is free, the majority of the applications in A1 can only be downloaded via the internet.

It is simple for both students and teachers to sign up for this plan by providing the address of the educational establishment. Consumers may require sophisticated capabilities that are only available on the A3 and A5 because this plan is considered to be a basic one.

A3 version of Office 365

Educators and students alike can reap the benefits of the sophisticated features that are included in the A3 plan, which makes online instruction and education more convenient and fun. As opposed to A1, the applications that are available on A3 can be installed for easy access.

The cost of Office 365 for educational purposes is made available at a price that is very reasonable at Technology Solutions Worldwide. Consider, for example, the monthly subscription that we offer for Microsoft 365 A3 Faculty; the cost of the subscription is $4.60 per user per month and $55.20 per year. We help you save more than ten dollars when compared to other price options!

Compared to the A3 plan, the Office 365 A5 A5 plan includes a greater number of features that simplify the teaching and learning process. Our A5 plan subscriptions include Office 365 A5 for Faculty, which costs $6.40 per user per month and $78 annually. Some of our other A5 plan subscriptions include.

Look into the available features. Another option we provide is the Office 365 A5 for Students, which has a monthly fee of $4.80 per user and an annual cost of $57.60. Investigate the alternative subscription programs that we offer.

The features included in the academic plans of Office 365 have been extremely helpful in the field of education, and you may also reap the benefits of these capabilities. Discover the many subscriptions we offer, and begin your journey with Microsoft Education right away.

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