CS 411 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2019

CS 411 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2019

In this post I am sharing  link of CS 411 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2019 of Virtual University (VU). Keep visiting StudySolution for updated assignment solutions.

CS 411 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2019

 (CS 411)

Graded Discussion Board

In a conventional Web Application development, whenever a new information is requested by user on a web page, request is propagated to the web server and web server loads a complete HTML page in response every time.

This system has many drawbacks like server overhead because complete web page is to be sent every time and also the page is refreshed which looks leggy. Higher bandwidth is also used in this case.

To overcome above mentioned conventional Web Application functional overhead You are required to identify technology which can be deployed.

Justify your choice with reasons. Your answer must be brief and to the point (not more than 5 lines).


Here You Can Find GDB  No 1 CS 411 Fall 2019:

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Solution File


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