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CS 510 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2019

by Adeel Ikram

CS 510 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2019

In this post I am sharing link of CS 510 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2019 of Virtual University (VU). Keep visiting StudySolution for updated assignment solutions.


CS 510 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2019


                          Assignment No. 02
                        Semester: Fall 2019

CS510: Software Requirements and Specifications (Graded Assignment)


Total Marks: 15 Due Date:09/12/2019


Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:

You need to use MS word document to prepare and submit the assignment on VULMS.

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The assignment is not in the required format (.doc or docx)
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
  • Assignment is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc)


Learning Outcome:

After completing this assignment, the student will be able:

  • To identify different kinds of software requirements
  • To learn about key characteristics of requirement elicitation techniques

Note: Assignment no.2 covers lecture topics of Week3 – Week4


Foodie is a food ordering website. It is an application using which we can order various food items from some local restaurant menu using Internet, just by sitting at any place and the order is delivered to the given location. Customer has to register and then select the food items of their choice from the menu list and order food online. When customer finalizes the order, then he/she can add item(s) to the shopping cart and by checking out from the shopping cart, his/her order will be delivered at the doorstep. When customer is satisfied with the order, service and quality, then he/she pay cash on the spot.



  • Foodie.com is a very reliable website for the customers.
  • You can order food by sitting at any place.
  • Food is delivered at your doorstep.


Keeping in view the major types of Software Requirements, you are required to identify functional and non-functional requirements from the following:

[10 Marks]


Sr.no Requirement Functional Requirements / Non-Functional Requirements
1 Customer has to create a new login account    
2 Foodie must provide login security for the customers    
3 Customer can view the menu of different restaurants    
4 Customer can select food item of his/her choice to the shopping cart    
5 Ordering facility of foodie must be reliable    
6 Customer must checkout from the shopping cart    
7 The customer has to fill a form providing his/her details    
8 Form must be compatible with renowned Internet browsers i.e. Firefox, Google, Safari    
9 Customer should select the specific time slot    
10 Food will be delivered to the customer at doorstep    



As a Requirement Engineer, which Requirements Elicitation technique is better for Foodie.com? Justify your answer with a valid reason.

[5 Marks]

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