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How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr Fast and Easy

by Adeel Ikram

How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr Fast and Easy In 2023

For people who prefer the freedom of working from home, freelancing has increasingly become their primary source of income. How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr Fast and Easy Platforms like Fiverr are thriving due to the rising demand for freelance work. Fiverr is an excellent resource for obtaining customers for side hustlers and full-timers.

How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr Fast and Easy

If you want to learn how to create a Fiverr account and receive your first order as soon as possible, continue reading.

Fresh on Fiverr

If you are new to this platform, you must first understand how it operates to make money online. In this post, I offer the clarifications listed below:

Describe Fiverr.

  • What is the Fiverr price range?
  • How can I make a gig that I can advertise on Fiverr?
  • Where can I make my first sale?
  • How long would it take for my first Fiverr order to arrive?
  • How can I differentiate myself on Fiverr to quickly attract potential clients?

Describe Fiverr with Details:

On the freelancing website Fiverr, vendors post their abilities as gigs that clients require for their enterprises. On Fiverr, there are a variety of job openings, from highly specialized work (requiring a degree or certification) to projects as simple as designing certificates.

Here are just a few examples of the gigs offered by independent contractors on Fiverr to give you an idea:

  • Writing Articles
  • Blogging (including design, coding, writing, etc.)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Certificates, printables, cards, etc. with template designs
  • Web page layout
  • Banner creation, e.g., for Spotify
  • movies and videos with voiceovers
  • Facebook management
  • Social media promotion
  • creating applications and software
  • Surveys
  • software evaluation

And a lot more

One of the top freelance marketplaces for obtaining quick and reliable work-from-home opportunities is Fiverr.com. The website’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, and it first went live in 2010.

The following languages are supported by Fiverr: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and German. Freelancers from more than 160 countries are on the site, and 3 million buyers use it.

What Are the Fees for Fiverr?

What Are the Fees for Fiverr?

Finding your first paying client on Fiverr is free. All users on Fiverr are charged a flat rate of 20% once they have been compensated for their job.

Fiverr only charges its customers just one fee. For using their services, there are no upsell or membership fees.

How to Make a Fiverr Gig You Can Sell

Finding your first gig on Fiverr can take some time and effort. For instance, if you are in a desperate situation and need money right away, you can try out for some gigs. Unfortunately, this is not a viable strategy for building a freelancing career.

You need to design a selling gig that complements your abilities and capabilities if you want to supplement your income using the Fiverr marketplace. I’ll walk you through how to set up your first gig on Fiverr and earn your first dollar in the following parts.

1. Choose a niche

If you consider freelancing, you must possess a skill or expertise you intend to use as leverage. Choose and describe the skill in which you want to specialize. It is acceptable, and even encouraged, to demonstrate multiple skills.

You don’t believe you have a talent or specialization. You wouldn’t think how many abilities you have from your prior employment and experiences. I’ll go into more detail about this below.

2. Use your strengths.

It’s wise to start broadly when thinking about your skills. You’ll probably develop a more specialized sub-niche over time. For instance, if you wish to write for Fiverr, you will see that the site has bloggers, copywriters, article writers, and content writers.

If you’re unsure which category you’d succeed in, don’t hesitate to attempt a few. Ultimately, try to allow your interests to guide your choice of where to begin. It will be simpler for you to become a content creator and blogger, for instance, if you are a writer who enjoys doing research.

As long as you remain aware of your strengths, there is no right or wrong approach to choosing a job.

3. Up Your Skill

Do you require additional knowledge to offer the position you want? If so, you may also be able to obtain a certificate in your field of expertise. This is crucial if you are working on projects that demand a lot of specs, like software design.

While it’s unnecessary, learning a specific technique, like writing or graphic design utilizing Canva, might help you feel more confident and achieve greater visibility. It might make you appear committed and professional.

But don’t allow obtaining a certificate to prevent you from beginning. Putting oneself out there can be unsafe, but the most crucial thing is to concentrate on giving quality services to satisfied clients.

4. Choose a Target Audience

Finding potential customers for your service will be more straightforward (and accessible) if you can pinpoint your target population. Additionally, it will enable you to modify your offerings to better cater to a specific market niche.

If you try to satisfy everyone’s needs in your field of work, you could get overworked.

5. Sell for Reviews Rather Than Cash

Success on Fiverr depends on having positive reviews. Thanks to examinations, you are exposed to more buyers at the top of the search results,

At first, you might have to sell your gigs for less than you’d want to earn higher ratings if you wish greater visibility. You can gradually increase your charges by constructing a solid profile to support your career objectives.

6. Sell Benefits Rather Than Services.

Your job should be presented in a way that highlights all of the advantages a potential customer might experience while purchasing it. Consider including extra services and benefits in a package that customers will adore. This will shift their attention away from the cost and enable them to decide based on your offer.

This method of marketing your services will make you stand out in a sea of independent contractors.

7. Showcase Your Earlier Work to Potential Customers

If you have any, links to your experience in similar fields can be included in your description. Buyers can use it to assess your skills. If you are new to freelancing, it is an excellent reference point from which people can purchase services.

8. Publish more than two gigs

You might possess multiple talents. You might, for instance, be a skilled writer and social media manager. You can make two different profiles for your two abilities in this situation. Then, you can promote both gigs to see which generates the most significant interest and success.

You get to decide the job you want to specialize in. The option that will provide you with more exposure and job opportunities is the obvious one.

9. Your Gig: SEO

Your gig or page will appear higher in search results thanks to optimization. In this situation, you might spend money on hiring a competent SEO specialist to make your gig appear in the top search results.

You can also attempt to reverse-engineer the highest-ranking profiles in your niche if you don’t have a budget for SEO. Please take note of the keywords they use and the amount of detail in their descriptions, for instance.

10. Utilize customer requests

In the buyer portion of the Fiverr platform, buyers can communicate their desires for the available gigs. When they can’t find a good match or prefer for potential sellers to approach them, buyers will specify their preferences. You can thus apply to these buyers directly.

You can also look at this section to find out what your competitors aren’t offering. This will assist you in writing a thorough description of your gig.

11. Respond to Frequently Asked Questions in Your Job

Use the questions to your advantage if you observe that they are frequently asked by buyers or sellers who contact you. A FAQ section of your gig might make it easier for customers to understand your offer without asking several inquiries.

In general, fewer inquiries result in a quicker first payment.

How Can I Make My First Fiverr Sale?

How Can I Make My First Fiverr Sale?

You’ll find some essential advice for making your first sale in this area. When you master these, you’ll be well on your way to making your first Fiverr purchase.

1. You Should Market Yourself

2. Examine the section about buyer requests.

3. Use the Fiverr New Sellers section.

4. Make your first pricing attractive.

5. Offer something for nothing

6. Upload a profile picture

7. Gig Videos and Images

Let’s discuss each point in detail.!

1. You Should Market Yourself

The most critical factor in finding employment on Fiverr is marketing your services. If you’re a new member, you might be the only one aware of the service you’re providing. You must, therefore, use social media to promote your skills and draw attention to them.

Try searching for business groups on Facebook looking for freelancers to provide your services. Or make a public notice on your preferred networks.

2. Examine the section about buyer requests.

On the Fiverr site is a section called “Buyer Requests,” where customers can list the unique qualities they want in a one-time service offering. To identify people who require your service, visit the Fiverr website and browse the buyer requests section.

As a result, it is simpler to find work because you are aware of the customer’s needs and can tailor your description to meet those needs. Additionally, applying directly to them will increase your chances of being seen.

3. Use the Fiverr New Sellers section.

For a week or two, Fiverr provides a terrific opportunity for new sellers to gain awareness. The section for new sellers typically lists freelancers who have just joined the website.

Make sure your profile is well-written because this is an opportunity for you to showcase the services you provide to potential customers.

4. Make your first pricing attractive.

Set a competitive price for your service as a novice. Finding work could be difficult if your service has a higher price point and you don’t currently have any references.

You should carefully consider the costs associated with your services and aim to make yours as affordable as possible. Choose a number that is average or low relative to others as a starting point.

5. Offer something for nothing

Your work description might mention additional advantages or perks for using your service. This will assist you in making the buyer feel as though they are receiving more than they deserve for the money they are paying.

Be cautious not to offer perks that will deplete your resources.

6. Upload a profile picture

When providing an online service, it is crucial to upload a profile image. Customers want to feel secure when purchasing a service from someone they do not know.

Since your potential customers know who they are working with, having an identifiable profile picture gives you credibility.

7. Gig Videos and Images

Additionally, you ought to add a relevant picture to your gig. You can capture potential customers’ attention with eye-catching movies and images. Since they are already hooked on your page, it will be simpler to discover a customer among those drawn to your photographs.

How long does it take on Fiverr to receive the first order?

Your initial order will probably take a few days to arrive. Some users claimed that offering more than one gig will boost your chances when I researched Quora. Spreading your eggs among several baskets is better than relying on one, which might not bear fruit.

Overall, you need to wait and try your best.

What Can I Do on Fiverr to Stand Out?

What Can I Do on Fiverr to Stand Out?

Getting gigs on this platform requires you to stand out. It would be best if you distinguished yourself from the crowd. The finest ways for you to stand out are listed below:

1. Establish a Profile Description

Anyone having a seller Fiverr account must have a compelling description. Having a profile that describes your education and experience would be best. Imagine it as a brief, comprehensive curriculum vitae.

A complete and attractive profile description can draw customers to your gig. Your profile should also have a professional photo, as previously mentioned.

2. Test your skills on Fiverr

Tests are required for various jobs, such as SEO (search engine optimization), to determine your suitability for the position. When you take these examinations, you will put your skills into practice (and show them off).

Fiverr rewards sellers who routinely take these tests in addition to practice. By consistently taking quizzes, you can demonstrate dedication to developing your skill set and increase your visibility.

3. Compile a list of frequently asked questions

Specifics about freelance jobs may not become apparent to the customer right away.

When picking a seller for your services, you should create a FAQ section to handle any questions needing clarification because you are not always available to connect with the consumer quickly.

You can create your questions to cover whatever you consider relevant, including the cost of your service, bonuses, free bonuses you add to your services, and more.

4. A Job Well Described

On Fiverr, there are over 1,000 merchants for every gig. Make sure to include keywords in the description of your gig. For instance, you should mention that in your gig if you are an article writer. Finding you will be simpler for buyers if you conduct an adequate investigation.

Make sure your job title has no ambiguous language. The better, the more specific.

5. Obtain Favorable Reviews

Making money on Fiverr depends heavily on reviews. You’ll see that both buyers’ and sellers’ profiles include reviews. A few five-star reviews are essential for vendors to attract purchasers.

The majority of customers would like a five-star service provider. As a result, you must be careful to emphasize the caliber of your work while applying for your first few jobs. Ideally, you’ll earn five-star reviews.

6. Timely Work Delivery Can Be Improved

Most people deliver work late while hiding behind the pretense of high quality. If possible, give your clients a delivery time of less than 24 hours. You can change your deadline for assignments that require a lot of work to produce the highest-quality work.

Overall, don’t compromise quality for expediency of delivery. Please find a way to maintain both as strengths for your skill set.

7. Be Reliable (And Improve)

A consistent approach is best. You will have plenty of Fiverr jobs if you complete the above procedures. You level up more quickly the more gigs you finish.

A few writers on the first page of a quick search for writers on Fiverr will have the services “Level Two” and “Level Three” mentioned. A level two or three accreditation demonstrates your commitment to excellence and dependability and shows that you have consistently accepted tasks on the platform.

8. Keep in Mind Your Qualifications

Any certificates about the gig type you list on the Fiverr platform must be included. For instance, I’ve earned several qualifications to hone my writing abilities. Perhaps more significantly, I can highlight my impressive prior work portfolio from respectable clients.

Every job has the opportunity for certification, which demonstrates your commitment. If you have one, you can add a copy of such a document in your description. A potential customer will examine it and appreciate your effort.

This can help you keep ahead of them since most users on the platform are independent contractors without formal education.

9. Join Forces With a Reputable Seller

Your last resort is to contact the platform’s top sellers if you need funding immediately and assistance gaining popularity. They can require assistance from a subcontractor if they have too much work. It’s a fantastic method to make money quickly, but unlike other solutions, it won’t help you develop your portfolio. If you’re in a bind, it’s worth a shot.

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