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Jazz FanPulse Today Winners

by Adeel Ikram

Jazz FanPulse Today Winners Names October 2023 Latest – Jazz Win Free 100 GB

Jazz FanPulse Today Winners Jazz FanPulse offers prizes by answering simple questions accurately; winners receive an unlocked SIM. To participate, answer their poll.

Jazz FanPulse Today Winners

Jazz Fanpulse will pose questions during each game, and the first player who answers correctly has an opportunity to win prizes. These will appear during gameplay and via videos hosted on its website and the Tamasha app.

Jazz FanPulse provides all the details and reasons to be eligible for prize eligibility on this webpage. Additionally, learn if any specific reasons make you ineligible for said prize!

How Can I Participate?

You will be presented with this question when watching live World Cup 2023 match streaming and offered different answers (options) from which to select the most accurate solution.

Get and visit the Jazz FanPulse portal to answer the daily quiz during live matches. Afterward, forward it directly to short code 5858 as an SMS response message.

Visit the Jazz Fan Pulse website, enter your data under “PARTICIPATE IN FANPULSE,” then press Play to start answering questions and winning prizes!

While watching World Cup matches, you’ll have two questions for every Asia Cup check that you can answer quickly to remain eligible for Jazz FanPulse; only the first 125 participants will gain entry, while 250+ will get free SMS, minutes, and MBs. Furthermore, the person answering 1/1 most correctly will win an additional prize, which will be noted within our Prizes Section.

FanPulse Has Three Categories of Winners

  • Officials at Jazz FanPulse have awarded prizes in three distinct categories to participants who participated.
  • So, let’s examine in more detail the prizes to be distributed across these three distinct winning categories:

Winner: If you use a Jazz Prepaid SIM and win this competition, then you will enjoy 100GB of internet data, 2000 All Network Minutes, and 2000 SMS over 30 consecutive days without interruption from Jazz Prepaid; with postpaid, you’ll also enjoy 100GB as well as 2000 All Network Minutes and SMS over the same timeframe.

Super Winners: Prepaid and Postpaid Super Winners will each be granted 100GB of internet, 2500 All Network Minutes, and 2000 SMS. Moreover, those completing their tests quickly may even win two free Tickets to a World Cup match!
Jazz will select one Mega Winner during the Final Ceremony for World Cup 2023 and present them with an award.

Reclaiming the Prize in Three Steps

Jazz FanPulse allows users to claim prizes by following three easy steps.

Step 1:

To identify your question on an ongoing match, search through all available information during playback of that particular game to locate where it may lie. Step 2: [PAGE 9]

Step 2:

Within 24-48 hours, provide your answer to the query presented to you by providing as many details as possible about yourself or attempting to identify it as quickly as possible.

Step 3 :

Achieve 100GB Internet access & 2000 All Network Min & SMS credits over 30 days upon correct answers.

Click Below To View the Winner Of The Day And Winners List!

Below, please find a button that displays all winners of the day as well as the names of Jazz FanPulse Winners:

Show Your Name Aujourdt Now on the Web at The Official Jazz Portal by answering simple Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Using the Tamasha App, FanPulse Portal, or SMS Trick,, you could win incredible prizes!


Visit Here For Details

Terms & Conditions

  • Each SMS sent will deduct Rs 5 plus taxes;
  • FanPulse winners will be presented prizes of SMSs, Minutes, MBs, and PSL Tickets chosen from 250 right-away participants; these prizes are exempt from PMCL/affiliate commission taxes.
  • Jazz users with postpaid and prepaid cards can participate by dialing 111, visiting the Jazz FanPulse portal, and dialing 1111 for further details regarding participation.

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