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Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code

by Qaisar Aqeel

Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code – How To Unsubscribe Jazz Tune

Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code do you want the jazz caller tune to be deactivated in 2022? Please read this page if you are looking for a code to unsubscribe from jazz caller tune emails.

Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code

Here are the two most straightforward methods for unsubscribing jazz caller tunes in 2022.

The Jazz tunes list allows consumers to force their callers to listen to their favourite jazz music instead of typical ringing melodies, which is convenient. This article will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tunes, as well as information on the caller tunes list and service prices.

Jazz Caller Tune deducts PKR 2 each day from your account. As a result, consumers frequently unsubscribe from this service due to the ongoing payment associated with the offer. We can see that the service price is PKR 14 per week if we compute the offer charge in this manner. As a result, consumers refrain from spending their money on such services.

Charges for Jazz Tunes

  • SMS rates are Rs. 2.38 per minute for IVR calls and Rs. 2.38 per minute for SMS calls. Jazz Caller Tunes Subscription Fees are
  • Rs. 1.68/Day and cost Rs. 9.55 for each SMS sent.
  • There are two ways to unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tune 2022.
  • Please follow the steps below to deactivate the jazz caller tune in 2022.

Jazz Caller Tune Unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tune (Code)

Call 230 from your mobile phone’s dial pad to cancel your subscription to Jazz Caller Tune. Following that, a notification will be displayed. In a few seconds, you will receive an SMS confirming your registration.

  • When calling from a Mobilink SIM, dial 230.
  • Done! Activation of the Caller Tune service has been discontinued.

Jazz Caller Tune Unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tune (SMS)

The second method is to disable the mobile by sending an SMS to the recipient. To deactivate through SMS, please compose a new message with “unsub” and send it to the number 230.

  • In the write new message box, type “unsubscribe.”
  • It should be sent to service code 230.
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation of your deactivation.

Jazz Tunes Are Finish Using This Code

Users can also restrict access to a specific song by dialling *2302*1# from their Jazz SIM handset. This service is frequently used to ban those songs that the subscribers do not enjoy listening to. There are service fees associated with the blocking option.

  • Mobitune can be finished by dialling *2302*1#; to unblock Mobitune,
  • dial *2302*2#. Jazz Caller Tune is a jazz caller that plays jazz music.

Mobilink had added Sofi Kalam, poetry, naats, and songs of brief duration to activate Jazz numbers, in addition to other forms of entertainment. As a result, this can explain or hint at your personality and character. The following are the details for subscribing:

  • Please dial 230 to activate the service.
  • Send the word “sub” to the number 230.
  • Alternatively, text “sub” to 6007.
  • There are service fees to be paid.

MobiTune Charges
Service: PKR 2/Day
IVR (2301) PKR 0.72/Min
IVR (230) PKR 2.84/Min
SMS (Download) PKR 7.99
Helpline 111

The Jazz Tune Service Fees for 2022

Subscribers must pay official service fees to activate any music or track. These fees may vary depending on the coverage region and track type.

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