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Today Telenor answer On 06 February 2023, the Telenor Quiz will be answered. My Telenor app quiz answer is contained within this post. MBs were awarded to me for my Telenor application. If you answer all the questions correctly, Telenor will reward you with Telenor Free Megabytes (MB).

Today Telenor Answer

So, for today’s Telenor Quiz, I’ll have to respond to the Telenor App of Telenor Test Your Skills Today to qualify. After that, you must select the appropriate choice to receive free MBs through the MY Telenor App. Hello there, how are you doing? I hope everything goes well for you all. Visit our website daily to obtain solutions to your My Telenor app questions. I keep these answers to frequently asked questions up to current.

Today Telenor Answer 06 February 2023, is Telenor Quiz Day:

Telenor has announced the launch of a new service. This is a highly regarded service among the general public. People can acquire free internet access by answering simple questions. My Telenor app is simple to use, and Telenor packages are also available for purchase through this app at a reasonable price.

Subscribers of Telenor will find this to be a fantastic service. People also utilize this program because it is simple to install packages if they are experiencing difficulties with it. Please contact Telenor customer service to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. All of the questions are linked together in this section. The link will take you directly to the answer and the question. Daily visits to our website are required for accurate answers to common questions.

Today Telenor Answer 06 February 2023, is the Telenor Quiz Day.

Were you trying to find My Telenor App quiz answers for today, 06 February 2023? Look no further. With all of the answers to the Quiz in hand, I have completed the Quiz. Customer My Telenor app opens the “Test your abilities” menu, which is what I wanted. Using the “My Telenor app,” you can get some free Internet data by answering the following questions correctly. With the solutions to free internet sites, you can utilize them within a day of receiving them. Using the My Telenor app, I’ll show you how to obtain megabytes (MB) from the internet.

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How to receive free Telenor MBs with the My Telenor application

  • Activate the My Telenor mobile application

My Telenor quiz

  • On the right side of the app, there will be a button that says, “Test your Skills.” Click on that icon.
  • You will now see a list of five questions to choose from.
  • To earn MBs, you must correctly answer the following five questions:
  • If you answered all the questions correctly, you would receive 50/100 MB.

Get My Telenor App Here



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You can use this answer in the My Telenor app inquiry. There are also all of the answers available on the site. We were the first to provide daily solutions to all Telenor questions since we were the first to update. Continue to check back for the most up-to-date information. We always provide excellent and helpful material to assist you in increasing your expertise. Telenor Free Internet can be obtained with the help of the answers and questions provided below.

Today Telenor Answer 06 February 2023

If you haven’t yet installed my Telenor app, you can do it right now to take advantage of the additional Mb provided by the Telenor app. If you already have the app, you can participate in the Telenor App Quiz answers section to receive daily information.

Question 1: Which flower blooms in winter in Pakistan?

  • Roses
  • Bush Grass
  • Orchid
  • Silk Floss

Answer: Roses

Question 2: In which country were the Ugg boots invented?

  • China
  • US
  • Australia
  • Pakistan

Answer: Australia

Question 3: In which Sub Continental regions do Murree & Hunza fall in?

  • High Level
  • Low Level
  • Mid Level
  • No Level

Answer: High Level

Question 4: Nights are ____ in winter?

  • Shorter
  • Longer
  • Slower
  • Drooly

Answer: Longer

Question 5: What famous London location hosts an annual ‘Winter Wonderland’?

  • Hyde Park
  • Ayub Park
  • Disney Land
  • Dolphin Park

Answer: Hyde Park

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How to obtain free internet access on the Telenor network

Do you want to use your Telenor SIM card to access the internet for free? Follow these codes for the year 2023!

  • To receive free internet access for a week, dial *888#.
  • If you want to take advantage of the free Telenor unlimited offer, dial *345*75#. If it doesn’t work, try this code: *345*88#.
  • Make a call to *5*700# to take advantage of the free 500MB internet connection that is valid for ten days.
  • To take advantage of the free WhatsApp and Facebook offers, dial *331# or *5*325#, or you will be provided 1 Gb of
  • free internet for only Facebook and free Whatsapp if you accept the 1 Gb free internet offer.
  • To take advantage of Telenor’s free internet offer, dial *345*7777#, *345*818#, or *345*991#.

Questions and Answers (FAQs):-

What is the Telenor App I’m using?

The My Telenor App serves as a one-stop shop for all of your Telenor necessities. You may use the My Telenor App to see, activate, and deactivate your favourite packages, check your usage history and edit your accounts, all from the comfort of your home.

What exactly is a Test of your abilities?

The My Telenor App enables customers to check their balance in seconds. The purchase includes access to online customer service. On this page, you will find all of the solutions to your queries about today’s Telenor questions and other topics. There are no typographical or grammatical errors in the answers to the questions. Telenor will reward you with a few megabytes of free data when you have answered the question.

How can you get in touch with Telenor?

When you dial +92 (42) 111 345 100, you will be offered step-by-step instructions that will walk you through many available menu selections. Email tele[email protected] If you have any queries or concerns about Telenor’s services, the Telenor network packages price, current offers, or any complaints you may have about the company.

What is the best way to receive Telenor free internet megabytes?

If you correctly answer the My Telenor App Quiz Questions, you will receive Telenor Free Internet MBs in a short period.

Is the duration of the free MBs offered?

The free resources will expire on the same day at 12:00 a.m. and will not be carried over to the next day unless the user env views them.

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