Ufone Free Internet Code

Ufone Free Internet Code 2023 – Ufone Free Internet Code Latest 2023

Ufone Free Internet Code It only needs to complete a few hidden procedures and activate the Ufone Free Internet Code to receive free Mbps. The whole set of information is provided below.

Ufone Free Internet Code

As we all know, Ufone is well-known for its low-cost packages and the free Mbps, SMS, and call minutes they provide to its customers consistently, among other things. The next section will discuss the secret codes allowing you to access free Mbps.

You can get much more without paying a single rupee, such as SMS, minutes, and megabytes. Is it time to take advantage of a free bundle of Mbps and other benefits? Look at these codes and procedures, and you’ll see what I say.

Ufone Internet Code for Free

Here are several codes and ways that you may use to receive free internet at speeds of up to 1 Mbps with any recharge. Dial the code to take advantage of the free data. We promise that all the principles and techniques for getting free internet are legitimate and effective.

Get a Free WhatsApp Code

Ufone Free Internet Code Ufone gives users free Mbps for the popular socializing program WhatsApp as part of its promotion. Yes! You can now use a free 2 GB (2000 Mbps) internet connection without recharging your phone.

Simply phone *987# to receive free WhatsApp Mbps for 30 days without interruptions. This is the first code on our list, and it is only suitable for Ufone prepaid subscribers. The data may be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G devices, and it is the first code on our list.

SIM Lagao Promotional Offer

The second option for obtaining accessible data is the well-known SIM Lagao deal. The procedure is as follows: if you have not used your SIM card for 30 days, you must re-insert your SIM card and dial *5000#.

You will receive complimentary 3000 Mbps, SMS, and minutes through the network. As part of these free incentives, subscribers will receive 100 Mbps, 100 SMS, and 100 minutes (U 2 U) daily for 30 days at no additional cost.

5 GB of Ufone Internet Data

Do you want to take advantage of Ufone’s free 5GB offer? The following is the procedure to use to activate free Mbps:

  • To access this feature, dial *987# from your SIM card.
  • Choose option 1 for 4GB and option 2 for 5GB.
  • Your free data will be confirmed with SMS confirmation.

Ufone Introduces a New Way to Access Free Internet

Ufone Free Internet Code, we share a new method to obtain free internet megabytes (MBs). Follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for the UPaisa Application.
  • Download/install the software and register an account using your Ufone number.
  • After that, run the app once more to receive 1GB of free internet data.
  • Ufone’s new sim lagao deal will be available in 2023.
  • Offer for Ufone sim lagao In the wake of reviving the Ufone SIM, dial *5000# to activate the promotion, and you’ll receive the following benefits for the next 60 days:
  • Minutes 3000 of the U2U and PTCL
  • 6000 Megabits per second (MBS) Internet
  • SMS number 6000

Free Facebook Offer from Ufone:

You will not be charged for using Facebook Basic if you use your Ufone sim. This service provides you with an infinite amount of data for using Facebook. Whether prepaid or postpaid, every Ufone user is eligible for this offer.

This offer is good for 24 hours. You do not need to subscribe to any package to take advantage of this deal. Select the Facebook option that is provided for free. Ufone Free Internet Code you must have a zero balance to activate 5GB on Ufone Zero.

Follow these steps to take advantage of unlimited internet data.

  • *987# should be entered.
  • Select option 1 or 2 for either four GB or 5GB storage space.
  • Make sure that you are operating on a zero balance.
  • Following the successful dialling of the USSD code

  • Wait approximately 5 minutes for a confirmation SMS to arrive in your inbox.
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