Telenor Quiz Answers Today, 04 February 2023 – Today Telenor Answer – My Telenor Answer Today 04 February 2023

Hello In this post, we will talk to you about Telenor Quiz Answers Today, 04 February 2023; if Telenor users want to answer questions, then this post is helping you to find correct answers to the Telenor quizzes and get free internet.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today

Telenor users must take this quiz and get free internet by giving today telenor answers. So now it is your choice to get free unlimited internet data simply by giving quiz answers. Below, Telenor users get the correct Telenor quiz answers; if you are a regular visitor, you must attempt the Telenor quiz. We will help you to solve the Telenor quiz with accurate solutions.

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Telenor Quiz Answers Today, 04 February 2023

Telenor users get free internet by giving the following quiz answers with the help of my Telenor application.

Question 1: Fourth Novel of Imran Series is called Chattanon Mein _____?

  • Fire
  • Snow
  • Building
  • Rocks

Answer: Fire

Question 2: Ibne Safi is an Arabian expression which means _____?

  • Daughter
  • Son of Safi
  • Prince
  • Queen

Answer: Son of Safi

Question 3: The word “Jasoosi Duniya” means _____?

  • Wonderland
  • Heaven
  • Spy World
  • Itwar Bazar

Answer: Spy World

Question 4: Villians often refer to the country in the Novel as “One from ______”?

  • Ohio
  • US
  • Europe
  • South Asia

Answer: South Asia

Question 5: Name the body guard who resides with Imran in his apratment?

  • Jack
  • Joseph
  • Amir
  • Harry

Answer: Joseph

Question 5: How many keys does a standard piano have?

  • 10
  • 100
  • 88
  • 30

Answer: 88

My Final words:

So, guys, I hope you enjoy this post-Telenor Quiz Answers Today! If this post is helpful for you, then we are happy to help you. Next, we update this section regularly, giving you daily Telenor-free internet. If you have my Telenor app, you can quickly complete all Telenor quizzes.

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