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My Telenor App Answer Today

by Adeel Ikram

My Telenor App Answer Today 19 January 2024 – Telenor Today Answer – Telenor Answers

Hey there, everyone! You might be able to find My Telenor app answer today on 19 January 2024 here if you visit this website often. You will be able to obtain free Telenor MBs once you correctly answer all of the questions.

My Telenor App Answer Today

Telenor quiz answers today are right here in this post. By taking part in the Telenor Quiz, you can get free MBs, which could lead to free internet.

Here on this website, you will find up-to-date and authentic quiz answers for the Telenor Quiz. All the correct answers to the questions are available here and we update it regularly.

My Telenor App Answer Today 19 January 2024

Question 1: Abrar-ul-Haq’s debut album was called _____?

  • Billo De Ghar
  • Nach Punjaban
  • Majajani
  • Sar Uthaa Ke

Answer: Billo De Ghar

Question 2: Which singer sang the famous song “Nach Punjaban”?

  • Shehzad Roy
  • Ali Azmat
  • Abrar-ul-Haq
  • Ali Zafar

Answer: Abrar-ul-Haq

Question 3:Aima Baig and Taha G’s collaborative song is called ____?

  • Rent Free
  • Dil Ke Isharay
  • Baazi
  • Pyar hua tha

Answer: Rent Free

Question 4: Pasoori was sung by Ali Sethi & _____?

  • Aima Baig
  • Abida Parveen
  • Shae Gill
  • Nomina Musteshan

Answer: Shae Gill

Question 5: Ali Zafar’s debut song was called _____?

  • Chal Dil Merey
  • Channo
  • Jhoom
  • Mushk

Answer: Channo

Take the Telenor Quiz Now for Free! If you want to participate in the Telenor quiz today answers and get all the questions right, then you could be eligible to win free data every day. Telenor launched this quiz as part of an effort to engage its users and give them a chance to win free internet data.

Which of these features does my Telenor app provide?

Many services are available through the My Telenor app. Participate in the Telenor Quiz, view and activate or deactivate your preferred offers, and view your most recent stability. You could win free mobile internet data if you answer questions quickly. Updates to the Telenor Quiz occur every day at noon.

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