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Onic Sim Coverage Area in Pakistan

by Adeel Ikram

Onic Sim Coverage Area in Pakistan Latest Update

Recently, ONIC SIM was introduced as the fifth service option in Pakistan, and many people are eager to purchase this SIM. If this article piqued your curiosity regarding its coverage capabilities and operation, here you will learn all there is to know!

Onic Sim Coverage Area in Pakistan

Onic Coverage in Pakistan

Since its inception, Onic has been operational across five cities of Pakistan with no physical stores to support this sim’s service online – their entire operation exists only online!

However, Ufone has yet to arrange their coverage; therefore, they rely solely on Ufone coverage in each city or area for coverage purposes. If Ufone provides an excellent range in your location,, purchasing this electronic SIM may be worthwhile.

Ufone Pakistan and PTCL Pakistan both operate their networks; Ufone’s network has improved over time to increase customer retention rates; tests showed Ufone could offer 35Mbps internet speed connections at its coverage points.

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