Karachi Girls will Learn Programming Free of Cost in Digital School

Karachi Girls will Learn Programming Free of Cost. According to recent reports, Syed Amin-Ul-Haq, the Federal Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology, has opened a digital training School in Karachi. Karachi’s Orangi Town is the location of the city’s newest digital school, which opened recently.

Karachi Girls will Learn Programming Free of Cost

On this particular occasion, he shares his satisfaction with the fact that females from Orangi Town will receive training in programming and digital technology. Nowadays, where everything is digital, many young people find that picking up skills like programming and others helps them while freelancing.

According to the Minister, young women who successfully complete the Computer Science Programming course can earn between $80 and $150 per hour when working online.

He also stated that there is no mobile phone production company in the country, even though 29 companies continue to work to assist consumers in making money through low-cost phones. He said this even though 29 companies are working to assist consumers in making money through low-cost phones.

It was stated by the Head of Telecom Foundation’s Region, Mr Azam Khan, that there will be no tuition fees for this training and that training for the females will be provided at no cost in the digital School that is located in Orangi Town.

Additionally, the Head vowed that this School would become more involved in the community of Orangi Town in the following years. Girls will benefit from this instruction, and women will be given more agency.

In recent years, there has been a shift among younger generations toward an emphasis on freelancing work and acquiring the skills necessary to increase one’s earning potential in global markets. With the help of the Sindh Education Commission and the Telecom Foundation, Karachi’s very first digital school has recently opened its doors.


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