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Nadra PAK Identity Online Services of PAK ID

by Adeel Ikram

Nadra PAK Identity Online Services of PAK ID

Nadra PAK Identity Online Services of PAK ID Pak-Identity is the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) online ID issuance service for Pakistani citizens. You can submit an application for NADRA identity products from wherever you are in the world.

Nadra PAK Identity Online Services of PAK ID

No more long queues at NADRA offices. With the launch of the new Pak-ID mobile app, Pakistani citizens are now able to generate their National ID cards and other important documents directly from their mobile devices.

Pak identity is an online identity issuance service offered by NADRA for Pakistani citizens. It offers a complete solution for the process of applying for identity cards. Pak identity provides an end-to-end solution. This application was developed by NADRA in order to make it easier for Pakistani citizens to apply for various forms of identification.

General Guidelines to Use Nadra Pak Identity (PAK-ID App)

  • Create an account by registering.
  • Select the appropriate subcategory, then get started on your application.
  • Complete the application by filling it out online.
  • You can settle your bill with a debit or credit card ( Payment Guidelines)
  • You can either upload a scanned photograph following the instructions found in the Photograph
  • Guidelines or you can upload a photograph using the Pak-ID Mobile Application.

  • Scan your fingerprint and upload it by either downloading the Fingerprint Guidelines document or using the Pak-ID mobile application to capture your fingerprints.
  • You can either upload scanned documents according to the Document Guidelines or use the Pak-ID Mobile Application to upload documents.
  • Please send in your application.
  • It is strongly recommended that you attach all of the supporting documents (i.e. passport, ID cards, etc).

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