ONIC Sim Epic Data Package 100GB Offer

ONIC Sim Epic Data Package 100GB Offer | ONIC Sim Monthly Package

As a result of recent taxations, individuals across the country find themselves struggling with high expenses imposed by the long-established telecom providers. However, the ONIC Sim Epic Data Package 100GB Offer emerges as an extraordinary opportunity for a new player to enter the market and revolutionize the telecom industry.

ONIC Sim Epic Data Package 100GB Offer

With this revolutionary offer, customers can access an exceptional amount of data, allowing them to stay connected and enjoy seamless connectivity without breaking the bank. By providing affordable and generous data packages, ONIC Sim aims to empower users to fully embrace the digital age and unlock endless possibilities.

As the population of a country with over 240 million people continues to expand, the telecom regulatory authority may introduce additional competitors. This will foster heightened competition and provide opportunities for enhanced cost-control measures.

As a response, individuals are progressively transitioning to the new telecommunications provider in anticipation of more cost-effective phone calls, SMS messages, and internet packages.

The official Onic SIM code for Pakistan

All of the serial numbers for Onic Sim start with the number 0339.

Details of the ONIC Sim Epic Data Package Offer: 100GB.

Welcome! We’ve compiled all the comprehensive information on ONIC SIM packages, conveniently available for you to explore.

The ONIC Sim Epic Data Package Offer offers a generous 100GB of internet data, along with 5000 all-network minutes and 10,000 SMS, all for a price of just 1290 PKR. This package is valid for 30 days. To activate this incredible offer, simply log into your ONIC account and select the package. Stay connected and enjoy seamless communication with ONIC Sim!

Package Name Epic Data
Data 100GB
All Network Minute FUP 5000 Minutes
SMS 10,000
Duration 30 Days
Price 1290 PKR


To stay updated with the latest price information, we kindly request you to visit the official website, where you will find comprehensive updates on pricing.

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