ONIC Sim Big Data Package Offer 30GB

ONIC Sim Big Data Package Offer 30GB | ONIC Sim Package Details

Pakistanis are ecstatic to finally have access to the recently introduced digital telecommunications service, which was advertised as providing quick support, instant activation, and a variety of other benefits.

ONIC Sim Big Data Package Offer 30GB

People are currently spending enormous taxes on other telecoms as a result of recent taxations; therefore, the introduction of a new participant in the telecom industry could be a game-changer.

As the population of a country with more than 240 million people continues to increase, the telecom authority in that country is likely to add more players, which will likely create more competition, which could keep costs in control.

People also began switching to the new telecom operator in the hopes of receiving lower rates on their phone calls, SMS messages, and internet package deals.

The official Onic SIM code for Pakistan

The Onic Sim’s serial numbers all begin with the number 0339.

ONIC Sim Big Data Package Offer 30GB Details

Welcome! We have all the comprehensive details of ONIC sim packages right here for you to explore.

Package Name Big Data
Data 30GB
All Network Minute FUP 5000 Minutes
SMS 500
Duration 30 Days
Price 890 PKR


To obtain the latest price updates, kindly visit to the official website.

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