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ONIC Sim is Approved Or Not in PTA Pakistan

by Adeel Ikram

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ONIC Sim is Approved Or Not in PTA Pakistan

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), no new operator has been granted a mobile cellular license to provide mobile services in Pakistan.

ONIC Sim is Approved Or Not in PTA Pakistan

The authorities stated in a statement that there is a misunderstanding among the general public and social media users about a new operator called ONIC that is establishing mobile services in Pakistan.According to PTA, Pak.

Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), which already owns the Ufone brand, plans to launch a new digital product called ONIC to cater to the digital section of the market that prefers convenient digital engagement over traditional service delivery for high-end users.

PTA stated in its statement that it has been in active touch with PTML about its plans to launch ONIC. PTA has instructed PTML to meet all essential regulatory requirements through its commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer safety.


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Sajid Hussain August 12, 2023 - 8:14 pm

I need onic sim

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