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How To Check PTA Tax On Mobile?

by Adeel Ikram

How To Check PTA Tax On Mobile?

Have you considered the possibility of bringing a mobile phone into Pakistan? Then, it would be best if you remembered that you must pay taxes to get it running in Pakistan.

How To Check PTA Tax On Mobile?

As a direct result of the rising volume of goods imported, taxes are continuously being raised. The government of Pakistan has proposed a new budget that will increase the taxation levied on imported mobile phones. The PTA tax is a tax on every item imported into Pakistan.

If you import mobile phones into Pakistan from any other nation, you must pay the PTA tax; failing to do so would result in blocking your mobile phone device. The PTA levies taxes on mobile phones based on the device’s model, brand, and category. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) imposed six different tax brackets on the importation of mobile phones.

If you are planning to import a mobile phone to Pakistan or have already done so and are unsure how much tax you must pay or what the process will be, you are at the right place. Then, you have arrived at the correct location. Here is a comprehensive guide on determining and paying the tax on your mobile device.

Where Can I Go Online To Check My PTA Mobile Tax?

People who like to buy mobile phones from other countries must pay the PTA tax to gain access to their mobile phones. You must make a tax payment at the counter after purchasing a mobile phone at the airport. However, to pay the tax, it is necessary to determine how much tax must be paid.

Checking your mobile PTA taxes online is not difficult; nevertheless, you must take a few procedures. Here are two easy actions you can follow online to learn about your mobile tax.

1. By using text messages

An SMS service is the quickest and most convenient way to check PTA tax. In just a few moments, you will receive comprehensive information regarding the tax. The step-by-step process that will assist you in determining your PTA mobile tax is outlined below.

  • Verify the IMEI number of the mobile device. To begin, you need to activate the dialer on your phone.
  • You will receive a 15-digit IMEI number after dialing *#06# in the dialer on your mobile device.
  • After you have obtained the IMEI number, you should text it to 8484.

  • After a short while, you will receive a message that provides comprehensive information regarding your PTA mobile tax.

2. By Using The Website Provided By DIRBS

Getting familiar with your PTA mobile tax can also be accomplished by consulting the DIRBS website. It is also the approach of verification that is the least complicated. You must execute all necessary steps to determine the tax that applies to your mobile device.

  • IMEI should be entered into DIRBS. After opening the DIRBS website, you must send the IMEI number associated with your device there.
  • You should check your inbox for a message from the website once a few moments have passed.
  • You might get a notification saying, “Your device has been approved and found to be compliant with PTA; from this point forward, you are free to use any network services.”

Even though your device is not permitted, you can use and enjoy any network. Send a message to PTA with your request to have your device approved.

Because of a block, you will not be able to use this device while you are in Pakistan. To use this device within Pakistan, you must pay PTA taxes.

These are the quickest solutions available online for checking PTA mobile registration taxes. If you receive any notice informing you that your device is prohibited, you must pay the applicable taxes to PTA to register your device. Below is a comprehensive guide for writing your gadget and paying the associated taxes.

Information Regarding the PTA Mobile Registration Tax

You are exempt from paying taxes on your mobile phone if the gadget you are using satisfies the requirements. If you receive a warning stating your device is blocked and not approved, you must pay PTA fees to use it in Pakistan. If you do not pay these taxes, your device will remain blocked.

You can make tax payments to any bank account, but if you do not wish to share the funds in that account, you can pay your taxes using one of the following three simple methods:

  • Using the Telephone Area Code
  • through Application on Mobile Devices
  • Making use of the DIRBS Website

1. Via the Use of a Dial Code

The PTA registration number: To access the voicemail on your mobile device, open the phone dialer and enter *8484#.

  • A few selections are displayed on the screen; choose option 1 to register.
  • Pakistanis are required to pick option 1, while outsiders must select option 2.
  • If you have device no. 1, you will not be required to pay tax; if you have another device, you must pay tax at any bank branch.

  • You must input your current network number after entering your CNIC and passport numbers.
  • Now, please supply the IMEI number for your device; if you have a dual-sim mobile phone, you must provide both IMEI numbers.
  • Enter the number 1 to finish the registration process and move on to the next step.

2. Through the use of a mobile application

  • Carefully following the directions below will allow you to register your mobile device by utilizing a mobile application:
  • Unlock your mobile phone first, then navigate to the App Store or Play Store application.
  • You may get the PTA app by searching for it and then selecting the install option when it comes up.
  • Once installed, Open the application and input the IMEI number associated with your device.
  • Your mobile phone number will be recorded.

3. Utilizing the DIRBS Online System

  • If you want to register your mobile device using the DIRBS website, the following instructions should be followed:
  • IMEI should be entered into DIRBS. Launch the DIRBS website and register for an account by providing all the requested information.
  • Sign in if you already have an account; otherwise, create one.
  • To apply for a certificate of occupancy, click the button to open a new window on your screen.
  • Please include your contact information and the IMEI number.
  • You will shortly receive a communication from the PTA; they will verify that the taxes owed on your cell device have been paid.
  • All of the information will be displayed in the option for my application; navigate there to check it out.

What Should I Do Now?

PTA mobile tax must be paid as soon as possible after checking the details of your PTA tax online or through any of the methods described above. It is required to obtain information about the tax, and paying the fee guarantees that you can promptly register your device with the PTA via DIRBS.

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