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Onic Sim Types And Price Details

by Adeel Ikram

Onic Sim Types And Price Details | Onic sim Golden Number

Onic, the leading provider, offers a range of four distinct SIM types, each tailored to meet specific customer needs and preferences. These versatile options vary not only in terms of pricing but also in the exceptional benefits they bring.

Onic Sim Types And Price Details

Now, let’s delve into the in-depth details of these four SIM types, exploring their exclusive features and advantages that ensure every user’s seamless and personalized communication experience.

Explore the fascinating world of Onic SIM and its various types.

  • Standard
  • Golden
  • Purple
  • Platinum

Standard Number

Onic is providing their standard SIM card for free with the purchase of any of their data plans. Take advantage of this offer to enjoy their services without any cost for the SIM card.

Golden Number

You can get an Onic SIM Golden Number for just Rs 4,500. These unique numbers are incredibly memorable, leading to their high perceived value. As a result, many people are keen on purchasing these golden numbers, ensuring everyone can easily remember them.

Purple Number

The SIM card with the purple number is priced at Rs 600. Although these purple numbers are slightly trickier to remember compared to ones, they are designed to be effortlessly simple. So, if you find any you like, you can make it yours without hassle.

Platinum Number

The SIM card with the Platinum number costs Rs 22,500. Though these purple numbers can be trickier to remember than others, they’re designed to be effortlessly simple. So if you come across any that catch your eye, you can easily make one yours without any hassle.

ONIC Sim Prices Details:

Network Type Onic Sim
Standard Number Free
Golden Rs. 4,500
Purple Rs. 600
Platinum Rs. 22,500


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