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Rs 100 Rupees Prize Bond List Draw#42 2023

by Adeel Ikram

Rs 100 Rupees Prize Bond List Draw#42 2023 Multan Result 15 May 2023

Rs 100 Rupees Prize Bond List Draw#42 2023 The final result of Draw # 42 for the 100 Rs Prize Bond List will be made available online. The drawing for Lucky Draw No. 42 of the Rs. 100 prize bond will take place in Multan on the 15th of May, 2023. Voting will take place. You may read the entire denomination list for Rs.

Rs 100 Rupees Prize Bond List Draw#42 2023

100 Prize Bonds from the very first draw all the way up to the most current draw on the official website, which you can access here online as well. You will also be able to examine the results of the 100 prize bond list beginning on May 15, 2023, as indicated by the timetable provided by the National Bank of Pakistan. The schedule may be found here.

Top 3 Winner Prizes

The State Bank will be in charge of conducting the voting for the Prize Bonds worth one hundred rupees. The first prize of the 100 Rs. prize bond, which is worth 700,000 PRK, will be awarded to one fortunate winner, and the second prize of the 100 Rs.

prize bond, which is worth 200,000 Rs., will be awarded to three additional fortunate winners. 1199 winners will receive the final and third reward of each of the 100 prize bonds, which is valued at 1,000 Indian Rupees (Rs.).

Prize Bond List 100 May 15 2023 Multan Online

This page will be successfully updated with the results of the most recent Prize Bond List draw that took place in Multan on May 15, 2023, on the official website of the National Savings of Pakistan. The number of winners and the money won are both determined by the denomination that was played.

However, only the first, second, and third-place winners in each category will have their names entered into the drawing for that category. In addition to category, particular terms and circumstances may be significant.

For example, the fact that any list of denominations, including the 100 Prize Bond list 2023, is always drawn quarterly throughout the year is an example of a relevant term and condition. This implies that you are free to purchase any bond, including the Rs. 100 Prize Bond, and put your luck to the test four times per year.

  • Bond Worth: Rs 100 Lahore
  • City Date: 15-05-2023
  •  First Prize: 700,000 PKR
  • Second Prize: 200,000 PKR
  • Third Prize: 1000 PKR

How much do winners of prize bonds have to pay in taxes?

Gains are subject to income tax, which is withheld by the National Savings Center of the State Bank of Pakistan. The tax rate that will be applied to the awards is determined by the winner’s involvement with FBR. The tax rate will be increased to 15% in the event that the winner’s name appears on the ATL list.

If this is not the case, the prize money will be subject to double taxes at a rate of thirty percent, as stated in section 156 of the Income Tax Ordinance of 2001. In order to take advantage of the reduced tax rate that applies to prize money, you are required to file taxes.

In addition, once you submit your tax return, your name will be included in ATL for the particular tax year that you filed for.

#39 Rs. 100 15 Aug 2022 Muzaffarabad
#40 Rs. 100 15 Nov 2022 Rawalpindi
#41 Rs. 100 15 Jan 2023 Rawalpindi
#93 Rs. 1,500 15 Feb, 2023 Karachi
#94 Rs. 1,500 15 May, 2023 Lahore

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