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RS 1500 Prize Bond List Lahore Draw 94 2023

by Adeel Ikram

RS 1500 Prize Bond List Lahore Draw 94 2023

RS 1500 Prize Bond List Lahore Draw 94 2023 today 15 May 2023 Monday The results of Draw # 94 for a prize bond worth 1500 rupees are now accessible online. On May 15, 2023, in Lahore, participants cast their votes for the Lucky Draw No. 94 of the Rs. 1500 reward bond.

RS 1500 Prize Bond List Lahore Draw 94 2023

You can read the whole denomination list for Rs. 1500 prize bonds from the very first draw all the way up to the most recent draw by going to the official website or going online to this website. In accordance with the schedule provided by the National Bank of Pakistan, you are also able to investigate the outcomes of the 1500 prize bond list as of the 15th of May in 2023.

Top 3 Winner Prizes

The State Bank is in charge of the voting process for the Prize Bonds worth 1,500 rupees. The first reward of the prize bond of 1500 rupees is worth three million rupees, and it is awarded to one lucky winner.

The second prize of the prize bond is worth one million rupees, and it is awarded to three winners. The final and third prizes of the 1500 prize bond are each worth Rs. 18,500, and there are a total of 1696 winners who will earn these prizes.

Draw # 94 1500 Rs Prize Bond List Result

Those persons who were unable to participate in the earlier prize bond draw can view the most current and all of the previous draw results for the Rs. 1500 prize bond on this website. In addition to that, the list of the 1500 prize bonds for 2023 can be seen on this page as well. Along with the first, second, and third winning numbers for the Rs.

1500 prize bond that will be awarded in 2023, the timetable for the draw can be found online. Make the most of your opportunity to enter draw number 94 for the prize bonds and see if you can win one of the Rs. 1500 prize bonds. Maintain a close check on our website for the most latest news and developments, and also be on the lookout for the results announcement on May 15th, 2023.

1500 Prize Bond List Results Details

  1. First Prize bond Number: 965838 for one winner
  2. 2nd prize bond number: 254133 – 495442 – 912985
  • Bond Worth: Rs 1500 Lahore
  • City Date: 15-05-2023
  •  First Prize: 3,000,000 PKR
  • Second Prize: 1,000,000 PKR
  • Third Prize: 18,500 PKR

1500 prize bond all draws results

#94 Rs. 1,500 15 May 2023 Monday Lahore
#93 Rs. 1,500 15 February 2023 Wednesday Quetta
#92 Rs. 1,500 15 Nov 2022 Tuesday Karachi
#91 Rs. 1,500 15 Aug 2022 Monday Peshawar
#90 Rs. 1,500 16 May 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi
#89 Rs. 1,500 15 Feb 2022 Tuesday Muzaffarabad


Tax Rate On Prize Bond Winnings?

Gains are subject to income tax, which is withheld by the National Savings Center of the State Bank of Pakistan. The tax rate that will be applied to the awards is determined by the winner’s involvement with FBR.

The tax rate will be increased to 15% in the event that the winner’s name appears on the ATL list. If this is not the case, the prize money will be subject to double taxes at a rate of thirty percent, as stated in section 156 of the Income Tax Ordinance of 2001.

In order to take advantage of the reduced tax rate that applies to prize money, you are required to file taxes. In addition, once you submit your tax return, your name will be included in ATL for the particular tax year that you filed for.

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