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Telenor Monthly Internet Package 30 GB

by Adeel Ikram

Telenor Monthly Internet Package 30 GB

There are two different Telenor Monthly 30GB Internet Packages. They are the Telenor Monthly Super Plus (*979#) and the Telenor Monthly Lite (*345*1001#). This page includes the specifics, including the price and the code, of each of these bundles.

Telenor Monthly Internet Package 30 GB

In addition, obtaining internet service from Telenor is quite simple because of the new Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet Package, which is now the most popular option among subscribers. This bundle has gained a lot of popularity as a result of the new add-on function (free GBs).

Internet service from Telenor with 30 GB per month

In essence, there are two distinct internet packages that both come with 30 GB. The first tier is a 30GB monthly super plus package, while the second tier is a 30GB monthly lite offer that includes an additional 30GB free.

These two deals can be purchased for a total of 1,500 and 600 rupees, respectively. Let’s have a look at the top Telenor 30GB monthly Internet packages after going through the details of both packages in the supplied list, one after the other.

The Monthly Super Plus fee is 600 rupees.

Dial *979# to activate the Telenor Monthly Super Plus offer and get 36 GBs (18 GB 1 AM – 11 AM), 500 Telenor Minutes, and 100 Other Network Minutes for 30 days for Rs 600. This offer is available to customers who subscribe to the Telenor Monthly 36GB Internet Package. The following information can be found in the table that has been provided:

Offer Name: Super Plus
Offer GBs: 36GB
(18GB From
1 AM – 11 AM)
On-Net Minutes: 500
Off-Net Minutes: 100
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 600
SUB-Code: *979#
Check Code: *123#


Monthly Lite (1,500 Rupees)

Internet Service Provider Telenor’s Monthly 30GB Package To activate this bundle immediately, dial the following code: *345*1001#. In essence, the amount (of data) that was present was 30 GB. However, to entice additional users, a limited-time offer has recently been placed on this bucket.

Because of this, Telenor has increased the “Monthly Lite” bonuses by a factor of two. Those that subscribed to this bucket and received 30 GB of storage space will now receive an additional 30 GB, bringing their total storage space to 60 GB. Therefore, sign up for this bundle as soon as possible at the standard price of Rs 1500.


Offer Name: Monthly Lite
Offer GBs: 30GB
Free GBs: 30GB
Total Data: 60GB
Free Data Timing: 1AM to 7AM
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 1500
SUB-Code: *345*1001#


Here are the specifics provided by officials regarding the monthly Internet bucket of 30 GB. Because of the new add-on, referring to the bundle as a “60GB Offer” would not be inaccurate at all. The following are some further particulars:

Notice of Urgent Importance

Officials from Telenor have stated that the “Telenor Connect Prepaid Package” customers will be the only ones eligible to activate the 30GB package. In addition, customers who have subscribed to the “Telenor Hotspot Prepaid Package” are qualified to purchase a bucket with a storage capacity of 30 GB plus 30 GB for an additional 1500 rupees.

Complete Package Data

In its most basic form, the “Monthly Lite” bundle consisted of 30 gigabytes of data. However, Telenor is currently offering double the normal rewards on each plan. Because of this, users will obtain 60 GB of storage space for the same cost as a 30 GB membership.

However, this bonus is only available for a limited time, and in a few months, it will revert to its regular level. The incentives are intended to encourage people to join the military. By following this link, you will now be able to unlock your Telenor SIM card.

Check Code for 30GB

Using the official Telenor app, you will be able to find out how many megabytes are still left in either the 30GB or the 60GB bucket. Therefore, simply go to the Play Store, get and install a new app, and then check to see whether there are any remaining free resources.

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