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Wordle Answer Today And Hints

by Adeel Ikram

Wordle Answer Today And Hints For #971, 15 February 2024

Wordle Answer Today And Hints

Wordle Answer Today And Hints Wordle has long been among the favorite phone word games, keeping millions addicted to smartphones from 2021 onwards.

Popularity hasn’t declined much over time as people appreciate its simplicity and fun! Each day, you will get six chances to discover and solve each daily answer until it eventually leads you to find it correctly!

Wordle can still surprise even experienced players from time to time! Some answers might seem more straightforward, while others contain unfamiliar terms (WOOER, for instance!).

As always, we want to remind you that seeking help occasionally won’t harm you. Rest assured – we promise not to reveal all of the answers here! We provide clues without giving them away altogether.

Let’s go over what is necessary for today’s Wordle question and solution:

Wordle Clues for Today (#971, 15 February 2024)

OK, it’s now time to scroll down for the answer…

Here is the solution to Wordle puzzle 971 released 15 February 2024: RETRY.

This page will be regularly updated to bring you the most up-to-date Wordle solutions; however, if you aren’t planning on making this a daily habit, here are a few helpful hints on how to approach each puzzle independently.

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When answering an individual Wordle challenge, make sure your answer contains lots of vowels; mathematician Jonathan Olson recommends starting your solution by choosing words such as Salet and Rance as starting points before continuing further with Alter and Crate.

Today wordle answer

How To Win at WORDLE

My best method for winning at Wordle would be selecting among the most effective starting words; this has proven hugely impactful!

Without one, finding five letters will likely prove challenging and cumbersome; some brilliant people (not myself!) have done the calculations necessary for creating adequate starting words based on frequency in English and Wordle answers – use these!

And take note of combinations at both ends, particularly towards their beginning and closing points. Specific options like SH, ST, CR, and CH appear frequently.

Vowels require special consideration. There are exceptions, though – Wordle answers often include more than one word and even three! A great Wordle starting term must consist of multiples. Still, even if not listed, it may need to be revisited next visit as many include one or two of them in some capacity or another – remember the letter Y is often seen acting as an intermediary vowel, which makes placing difficult; you might find itself sprinkled throughout different phrases too!

Test out various possibilities. If you don’t hit “Enter,” experiment with different answers until one appears on your screen. Enter likely letters and those from within the word that may belong there, then mentally switch between one letter from within it and an alternative one; I have found this method particularly effective when thinking of words that don’t stand out immediately, such as ISLET or FJORD.

But, if Wordle remains challenging for you, try this strategy out: Tom’s Guide’s experts on this game have refined their plan by playing through all Wordles until now – only ever losing once in total!

Wordle offers plenty of methods, like our study of every answer for patterns, to help provide more information for you to follow. Look at our How Do I Use Wordle guide.

wordle answer

What Else Should I Know about WORDLE?

WORDLE was officially unveiled in October 2021 but first made its debut during June of the same year (official launch day was June 19, 2022 – see my reflections for improvements Wordle needs to make for its third iteration here.)

Wordle quickly gained in popularity towards the close of 2016, becoming an international sensation by January when its captivating qualities first began being recognized globally. Extremely successful at its introduction into NYT Games’ portfolio in February. Wordle remains part of our daily curriculum!

Wordle is played through this NYT Games website and is entirely free – the NYT and developer Josh Wardle have stated as much. While some might assume it has become more challenging since being purchased by NYT, that is not true!

Wordle is an easy game in which your goal is to find five letters of a word within six attempts. Each time, a list is provided of which letters belong to which terms and whether or not their locations match up correctly with those listed by Wordle.

Whenever words are in their proper places, their letters turn green; otherwise, yellow will show if part of an existing word is in an incorrect position. Finally, if not part of any current word, they turn gray.

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