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Wordle Answer Today

by Adeel Ikram

Wordle Answer Today For #907, On 13 December 2023

Wordle Answer Today isn’t too tough. According to the New York Times’ Wordle, most players finish Wordle #907 in 3.4 moves on easy or 3.2 on hard.

Wordle Answer today

We’ll update this with daily hints. If you need the answer, we’ve got it. We’ll also review yesterday’s puzzle, #906.

What Does Today’s Wordle Start With?

The answer to Wordle #907 starts with T. So, with the hints, you should have what you need for the answer and to maintain your Wordle streak.

Now, scroll down for the answer. Drumroll, please — it’s THESE.

Hello, Wordlers. Today’s one is fairly straightforward, even with a repeated letter. THESE is a common word you likely use daily. My first guess was ORATE, covering the most common Wordle letters. Today, it gave a green ‘E’ and a yellow ‘T’, leaving just 20 possible answers.

Not as good as some start words like TARPS or TALES, leaving five solutions each, while SLATE drops it to four. If you played LEAST, just three answers would be available.

Is Wordle becoming more challenging?

While it might seem like Wordle is getting tougher, it’s not more difficult than when it started. If you’re looking for a greater challenge, you can turn on Wordle’s Hard Mode.

Why are there two different Wordle answers some days?

Typically, Wordle accepts only one correct solution per day, but occasionally it allows two different answers. This change occurred after the New York Times acquired the puzzle game and updated its word list. This should happen less frequently now. To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to refresh your browser before starting a new puzzle.

Does today’s Wordle answer have a double letter?

Yes, some letters appear twice.

Today’s Wordle is a 5-letter word that starts with…

The answer to today’s Wordle starts with the letter T.

What’s the answer to Wordle today?

Get your last guesses in because it’s your final chance to solve today’s Wordle before we reveal the solution.

Drumroll, please!

The solution to Wordle #907 is…


If you didn’t guess it this time, don’t worry. A new Wordle awaits you tomorrow, and we’ll be back with more helpful hints.

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