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Zong 80GB Free Internet Code Details

by Adeel Ikram

Zong 80GB Free Internet Code Details

To take advantage of the One Plus One Offer, simply dial *9# and input your MBB number to receive 80GB of free internet from Zong. Alternatively, you can submit your MBB number to 6555 via text message to inquire about whether or not your MBB device is eligible for free data.

Method of getting to Zong 80GB Free Internet Code

To put it simply, Zong 4G is in the process of providing all Zong MBB members with free internet access 80 GB. Therefore, all of those users of MBB Devices (SIM) who are interested in obtaining free data should read this post to obtain fully legitimate information regarding the free offer.

Be prepared to take advantage of a free internet bundle for an endless amount of time (FUP* applies) if you are a Zong MBB Device user. As a result, we have provided a step-by-step guide that outlines all of the important information regarding this free offer.

To move forward with the steps that are outlined below, all you need is a Zong prepaid SIM card. To obtain 80 GB of free data on our Zong SIM card, let’s examine what we need to do.

80 GB of free internet from Zong

For the very first time in the history of Zong 4G, the network has decided to offer relief to all of the users of MBB (Zong 4G Internet Device). Indeed! Zong MBB device customers who are interested in receiving free megabytes on their MBB SIM card. You must adhere to the instructions that are provided on this internet page.

However, keep in mind that the only way you can obtain free megabytes is if you are chosen to receive free megabytes through the One Plus One Offer. The following two tactics will allow you to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive 80GB on your MBB device. This method allows you to check your eligibility.

Please input your MBB number by dialing *9# from your Zong SIM card to determine whether or not your MBB number is qualified to receive 80GB of free data.

Enter your MBB Number into a new text message, and then send this text message to the number 6555.

On your Zong MBB device, you will receive a notification via text message informing you whether or not “you can get free data.” Also, this is the only way that may be used to determine whether or not the user is qualified to receive data. Here is the procedure to follow to obtain the data.

Please refer to Zong Value Monthly Voice.

Method of Activation for 80 Gigabytes

You should either turn on your MBB device or, if it is still “on” and functioning, check your eligibility for an MBB number by using the approach that is presented above. If you receive a positive signal, then you should follow these instructions to utilize the MBB device without incurring any costs:

A favorable signal from *9# or “SMS MBB Number to 6555″ indicates that the following is the case:

  • You can visit the Zong franchise, Zong CSC, or the retail center that is closest to you.
  • Inquire with the representative about activating the One Plus One Offer on the MBB phone.
  • It’s over! According to the MBB package that you purchased, you will receive free megabytes.
    Several Points of Value

To provide free internet (extra) data through the One Plus One Offer on the subscription of any data package on an MBB device, these are the critical (important) aspects that play an important role in the process. Examine each of the following conditions:

Free data will be provided to MBB users.

  • Additional Data are provided in the Supplemental Data Packages.
  • Additionally, the free data that comes with each bundle will be active for thirty days.
  • A 65GB bundle will receive 4GB of free data through One Plus One, and packages of 150GB, 160GB, and 200GB will receive 10GB of additional megabytes.
  • This means that if you subscribe to any MBB package today, you will receive free Zong 4G internet.
  • The bucket will be available for free for three months through One Plus One.

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