Zong Full Gup Package 2022

Zong Full Gup Package 2022 – Complete Details Of Zong Full Gup Package 2022

Zong Full Gup Package 2022 did you know that you may receive 90 zong free minutes for as little as Rs. 5? That’s quite intriguing! Not only do you get minutes, but you also get 30 MB of WhatsApp internet and 100 SMS as part of the Zong complete gup plan.

Zong Full Gup Package 2022

This article will provide you with all of the information you need regarding the Zong complete gup package, including instructions on how to sign up for the Zong complete gup offer.

Zong Full Gup Package for the year 2022

Zong has introduced a new Zong Full Gup Offer to better serve its consumers. This promotion provides Zong customers with a free zong-to-zong call and 30 Mb of WhatsApp storage and 100 SMS. Clients of Zong can make use of these 30 Mb internet data bundles inside the same day, beginning at midnight.

The call setup fee is 0.15+tax, and it will be charged from your account within the first minute of the call. If the customer has a significant amount of money, this offer will automatically reoccur.

With the Zong Full Gup Offer, you can now get Zong to Zong 75 minutes, Whatsapp 30Mb Bundle, and 100 SMS for as little as Rs.5 plus tax. Zong complete gup bundle deal has been developed specifically for students. It is the best opportunity for them to make zong to zong calls and get an additional 30 Mb of the internet for whats-app and 100 SMS for just Rs. 5+tax for midnight same day service.

Concerning the Zong Full Gup Offer 2022

Zong Full Gup Offer Price Rs.5+tax
Zong to Zong 75 minutes
Whatsapp  30 MB
Sms  100
Zong Full Gup Offer Validity 24 hour
Zong Full Gup Offer Subscription Dial “*118*1#
Zong Full Gup Offer Un-Subscription  Sms “unsub
to 1181″


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Zong Full Gup Offer 2022 Subscription Instructions

Subscribe to Zong Full Gup Deal in 2022. The activation procedure is relatively straightforward, and you may sign up for this offer by entering the following code.

Dial  *118*1#  to activate

Unsubscribe from Zong Full Gup Package via SMS 2022.

If you want to unsubscribe from the Zong Full Gup Offer, the deactivation procedure is relatively straightforward, and you can unsubscribe from this offer by following the instructions provided below.

Send  Unsub to 1181  to deactivate

The Zong Full Gup Offer will be valid until 2022.

The validity of this deal is 24 hours or until midnight on the same day, it is made available.

Price of Zong Full Gup Offer in 2022

Prices for the Zong Full Gup Bundle start at Rs.5/- (plus applicable taxes).

Terms and Conditions are below.

  • Data is charged at Rs. 1 + tax per megabyte (MB) if not included in the bundle.
  • This deal is only available to prepaid subscribers.
  • A withholding tax of 14 per cent is applied on recharges and bills.
  • In Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan, a sales tax of 19.5 per cent is levied on usage. Sindh has a sales tax of 19 per cent, which is applied on all purchases. 18.5 per cent of FED is in effect throughout Pakistan and the Azad Kashmir region.
  • This bundle does not have an automatic recursive function.
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