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3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan

by Adeel Ikram

3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan – What is this and How to Deactivate This

Having received the 3557 SMS PIN Code in Pakistan, have you received it? Do not be concerned; it is a game service known as “MarvelG,” and it will activate on its own and remove 25 rupees from your account every week.

What is the code 3557 SMS Pin Code in Pakistan mean and how to deactivate this offer

On this page, I have included an explanation of the basic price plans, as well as the activation and deactivation options for this service. Keep in touch with us so that we can provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the 3557 code service.

In Pakistan, every single SIM card has successfully launched a variety of game services. The MarvelG service is one of the many services that are at your disposal. This particular service is the owner of the 3557 code.

Additionally, this service is activated immediately on prepaid phone lines for your convenience. Consequently, it will deduct the sum from the user account continuously.

There is a 3557 SMS PIN Code in Pakistan.

Individuals who have been subscribed to the 3557 gaming service without any further action on their part. Calling the helpdesk and requesting that the agent deactivate all of the additional services and packages associated with their phone is something that they need to do.

It is therefore a wonderful method that has the potential to save your balance. It is possible for consumers who are becoming dissatisfied with the additional services that are causing them to lose their balance to get in touch with a helpdesk to prevent their account from being affected by these services.

What sort of service is this?

Take a look at the picture that is located after this one. A Zong, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor number subscription is included in this official demonstration of the service that is being offered.

Initially, the user is provided with a pin, and then they are allowed to activate a game service that is additional for casual users. As a result, the procedure to disable this service is described in the following paragraphs.

The price for a week is 25 rupees.

To have your number subscribed to this service, you will be required to pay a weekly fee of 25 rupees. Those customers who have activated this game feature will often receive a notification via text message.

In what way may this service be deactivated?

If you receive text messages from this service and you are using a SIM card from Jazz, Zong, Ufone, or Telenor, all you need to do is call the telephone support number.

Immediately after connecting to the helpline, you should then request that the official representative of your network cancel any additional service that is associated with your number. Because of this, not only will this technique stop this service, but it will also ensure that your future balance does not change.

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