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How To Unsubscribe Zong Any Packages

by Adeel Ikram

How To Unsubscribe Zong Any Packages

Users of Zong are frequently ignorant of any current packages that are installed on their SIM cards. In light of this, we have described how to check and activate packages on a Zong SIM card—following an examination of the list of currently available packages for Zong’s prepaid SIM card. You can deactivate each of those offers individually by dialing their unsubscribing code. This will process each offer in turn.

All details about that How To Unsubscribe Zong Any Packages free of cost

In the next paragraphs, we have provided information regarding each Zong package unsubscribing code. The next step is to determine which package is currently active on your SIM card, then follow the instructions below to obtain the unsubscribing code for that product, and finally, deactivate that subscription.

Therefore, by going through this process, all of the superfluous packages that are associated with your prepaid number will be deactivated, and you will no longer have to worry about “extra balance deduction.”

All Packages of Zong Can Be Unsubscribed

There are three different methods and tricks that Zong 4G has officially introduced to deactivate or unsubscribe any SMS, Call, or Internet plan. Every Zong 4G prepaid user can deactivate the currently active package on their number by utilizing any one of these three shortcuts.

These are the three methods that a Zong SIM card user can use to deactivate the SMS, Voice, and Internet package that is currently active on their account. On the other hand, it is essential to make sure that the guests are aware that each of these three tricks imposes ordinary prices and taxes.

  • Through the use of the package’s official deactivation code, unsubscribe from the package.
  • Get in touch with the network hotline number to deactivate the package.

By dialing a single code for all of the packages (phone, SMS, and data), you can unsubscribe from them. To obtain the deactivation code for well-known Telenor prepaid and postpaid packages and services, let’s have a look at each isolation method.

Unsubscribe Codes for Zong’s All Packages

According to our initial tip, the customer can remove the Zong prepaid (Call, SMS, and Internet) packages by dialing their official unsubscribe codes. This is true for all three of these services. There is a separate section on the official website of the network that contains these codes, along with details about the packages.


Offer Name: Deactivate Method
Caller Tune Unsub Send “UNSUB” to 2300
IMO OFFER Unsub SMS “Unsub IMO” to 6464
Advance Balance (Loan) 310
Cricket Alerts Service SMS “UNSUB” to 6660
Namaz Alert (Islamic Alert) “Unsub” to 7867
News Service (Info Service) Send unsub to 7070
Call Forwarding (Call divert) ##67# Code
Gameloft Unsub SMS SMS “Stop” to 88000
SMS “Stop” to 84149
Game Space Service Send ‘unsub’ to 5455
Zong Google DUO *386#
GNO offer by Zong SMS “unsub gno” to 6464
Monthly Missed Call Alert Send Unsub to 6229
Weekly Missed Call Alert Send Unsub to 6226
Zong My Status Service (MNP) Send “UNSUB” to 6009
Doosra Number (Double Number) SMS “Unsub” to 4600

We have, however, listed Zong SMS, Call, and InternetPackages codes separately too to make this step as simple as possible for our valued readers.

Unsubscribe Code for Zong Internet and Call

To deactivate your Zong daily, weekly, and monthly internet and telephony packages, the following codes are required. Currently, you can quickly and easily cancel your subscription to any internet plan. to terminate your subscription to Zong’s internet packages.

Please ensure that you adhere to the deactivation guidelines that are outlined in the table below, regardless of whether these are daily, weekly, or monthly.


Daily Weekly Monthly Packages Unsubscribe Code
Zong All Data Packages *6464#
Zong All Call Packages Dial 310
Zong All SMS Packages Send ‘unsub’ to 704 or 700

Unsubscribe Code for Zong’s SMS Packages

According to Zong, these are the official unsubscribe codes for its 4G SMS packages, which include validity periods of daily, three-day, weekly, and monthly.

Unsubscription, Daily SMS Packages

Zong’s daily SMS packages provide the following codes for you to use. Complete information has been highlighted for you in the box that may be found below.


Zong Daily SMS Unsub Unsubscribe Details
Zong Flutter Package Send unsub to 369
Zong Perfect Package Send Unsub to 7171
Zong Full Gup Package  Send unsub to 1181
Zong Hello 1 Din send unsub to 4952
Zong Shandaar Daily package  send “unsub” to 700
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle  Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Daily SMS + Whatsapp Send ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Sixer Plus Package. Send Unsub to 666111

Unsubscribe with Weekly SMS Packages

To deactivate the Zong weekly SMS package, you will need to dial the specific deactivation code that corresponds to the name of your package.


Zong Weekly SMS Unsub Unsubscribe Details
Zong Karachi Offer Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Weekly SMS Offer Send ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Haftawar Load Offer Send “Unsub weekly250” to 6464
Zong Weekly All in 1 Bundle  To Unsubscribe Dial *6464#
Zong Shandaar Weekly package  Send ‘unsub’ to 700

Unsubscribe from Monthly SMS Packages

About the SMS portion, this is the final table in which we are required to collect unsubscribe codes for the weekly SMS packages available. Through the use of the code, you can deactivate a certain bundle at a reduced cost.


Zong Monthly SMS Unsub Unsubscribe Details
Zong Power Pack 500 Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Power Pack 1000 Send ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Super Card bundle Unsubscribe Dial *6464#
Zong Supreme Plus Package Send ‘unsub’ to 704
Zong Monthly SMS & Whatsapp Send  ‘unsub’ to 700
Zong Supreme Monthly Package Send “unsub 750” to 6464
Zong Shandaar Monthly package Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091


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