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Free 4 Years Computer Science Degree Program

How to Enroll 4 Years Computer Science Degree

by Adeel Ikram

Free 4 Years Computer Science Degree Program Enroll Now

Start your IT career now by enrolling in the free OSSU Computer Science degree program. Take advantage of top-notch courses taught by academics from prestigious colleges such as Princeton, Harvard, and MIT.

Free 4 Years Computer Science Degree Program

Have you ever desired to pursue a degree in computer science but been unable to afford the exorbitant price of attending college? You’re in luck, though! You can enroll in a free 4-year computer science degree program through OSSU (Open Source Society University), which offers an amazing open-source curriculum.

What is the degree program in computer science at OSSU?

A thorough education in computer science principles, which are essential to all computing disciplines, can be obtained at ossu/computer science. Leading universities’ undergraduate computer science major degree requirements are taken into consideration when designing the curriculum. It takes advantage of top-notch classes taught by academics from MIT, Harvard, and Princeton, offered by platforms like edX, Coursera, and Udacity.

Operating systems, computer architecture, software engineering, programming languages, algorithms, and data structures are all covered in the courses. You can take advanced electives to specialize in subjects like software testing, game theory, linear algebra, and more after fulfilling the prerequisites for the major in computer science.

The fact that you can finish the program at your own pace and that all of the course materials are freely available online are the best features. Even though you can finish in two years if you study for about 20 hours a week, you can modify the timetable to fit your needs. You also become a part of a global network of self-reliant learners who encourage one another.


Upon completion of this program, no formal degree is awarded. The program is self-taught and is built on publicly accessible materials including quizzes, code samples, and videos. There is no official enrollment required; all resources and policies are available via the assigned GitHub repository, https://github.com/ossu/computer-science. This curriculum is designed to offer a comprehensive education akin to a four-year degree in computer science; however, it is not officially recognized by academic institutions and does not have academic accreditation.


Required conditions

Prerequisite requirements for computer science curricula vary depending on the stage:

  • Core CS: Pre-calculus, algebra, and geometry at the high school level are required of the students.
  • Advanced CS: After completing all prerequisite courses in the Core CS section, students are only eligible to select advanced electives.
  • Advanced Systems: At least one fundamental physics course from high school or college is required for those who wish to specialize in the Advanced Systems electives.

Overview of CS

To help students who are new to computer science determine whether it is the correct field for them, the Intro CS division offers courses at an introductory level. It goes over beginning computer science to help students grasp the role computation plays in problem solving as well as introductory programming to teach fundamental coding ideas.

Fundamental Computer Science

All of the coursework for the first three years of a computer science degree at a university can be found in the Core CS section. It establishes a solid foundation in key areas like:

  • Languages, testing, design patterns, architecture, etc. are all covered in core programming.
  • Building the mathematical maturity needed for data structures, algorithms, etc. is the goal of core math.
  • CS tools: Provides an overview of frequently used tools for activities like as shell scripting and version control.
  • Core systems: These include operating systems, computer architecture, networking, and compilation.
  • Basic theoretical ideas like as NP-completeness, algorithms, etc. comprise core theory.
  • Core security includes vulnerabilities, cryptography, and secure coding.
  • Core applications: computer graphics, databases, and machine learning, among others.
  • Investigates the moral ramifications of technology in society.

Sophisticated CS

Students should select extra Advanced CS courses based on their interests and desired field after finishing all required Core CS courses.

  • Debugging, parallel computing, UML, software architecture, compilers, functional programming with Haskell, and other subjects are covered in Advanced Programming.
  • Advanced Systems: Dives deeper into pipelining, parallel processing, virtualization, digital logic, computer organization, and other lower-level computing ideas.
  • Formal language theory, Turing machines, computability, concurrency models, computational geometry, logic, and game theory are all included in advanced theory.
  • Advanced Information Security: Offers a greater in-depth understanding of security topics such as digital forensics, safe development lifecycle, compliance, and verification.
  • Linear algebra, numerical techniques, formal logic, probability theory, and other key mathematical building blocks for computer technology are all included in advanced math.

Completed Work

Students must apply all of their knowledge in the final project by creating something practical. This gives them concrete evidence of their expertise that they may provide to prospective employers.

In addition to looking fantastic on a CV, finishing a project verifies and strengthens your knowledge. You can start from zero and create something new, or you can help out with an already open-source project that needs support.

You can pursue structured course specializations focused on projects if you’d like additional direction. Full-stack development, data science, robotics, and other subjects are covered. Now that you have the fundamentals, you can find series that interest you.

Once your final project is finished, send a pull request with information about it to OSSU PROJECTS. Moreover, update the project README with the OSSU badge. After that, tell other students about your creation using community channels.

Instead of using standard grading, peers’ feedback and ability demonstration are used for evaluation. It also enables OSSU to assess how well its curriculum readies self-directed learners for actual success.

In summary

For anyone who would like to study computer science without having to worry about expensive tuition, the OSSU computer science degree program is an excellent alternative.

You can obtain a thorough education in the field of computer science by following an organized curriculum that covers all of the basic ideas. Because of the program’s flexibility, you may learn at your own pace and it is therefore available to everyone, regardless of schedule. Why then wait? With OSSU, you may begin your computer science study for free right now.

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