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What are The Requirements For a CDA Certification

by Adeel Ikram

What are The Requirements For a CDA Certification – Everything You Need to Know

To advance in early childhood care and education, the quickest, easiest, and least expensive route is to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate. Your CDA can help you start your licensed childcare facility in Virginia or advance your career as a lead childcare teacher. Additionally, the certificate is accepted in the Virginia Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and all fifty states.

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How to Obtain a Certificate in Child Development Associate (CDA)

Obtaining your certificate may be quicker than obtaining an associate’s degree! Your CDA is earned by:

  • Fulfilling the requirements for 120 hours of certified professional development (usually obtained by taking a CDA training course)
  • 480 hours of certified work experience are required.
  • Completing the Pearson VUE Child Development Associate Certificate exam at an approved testing location
  • Getting through your verification visit
  • Getting your professional portfolio reviewed and approved

Enrolling in training to fulfill your professional development hours is advised. You can purchase your books, figure out the 120 hours of training and 480 hours of professional work experience required to earn your certificate, put together your professional portfolio, get ready for your verification visit, and get ready for your exam—all for a very reasonable price, thanks to options like ChildSavers’ Online CDA Training.

Important information:

You must select the type of child care program for which you are applying (Home Visitor, Center-Based infant toddler, Family Child Care, or Center-Based Preschool). You must obtain 480 hours of professional work experience in the childcare environment for which you have applied for a CDA within three years of submitting your application.

How to sit for the Certificate in Child Development Associates (CDA) Exam

Before sitting for the CDA Exam, you need to apply to the Council of Professional Recognition, buy your study materials, and sign up for a course to get your 120 PDH. Applying online costs $425. Every exam needs to be planned and administered at a nearby testing location using Pearson VUE.

Setting Up Your Visit for Verification (Observation)

Your exam and CDA Verification Visit (Observation) will be scheduled once you submit your application to the Council of Professional Recognition. An authorized professional will come to your place of employment to watch how you engage with kids of a particular age.

After that, you will have a meeting with the specialist to discuss your areas of strength and growth. They’ll examine your professional portfolio as well. Your exam results and their conclusions and assessments play an equal role in determining whether or not you will receive your certificate.

What comprises a professional portfolio for a CDA?

A Professional Portfolio must be submitted to receive your CDA. As per Child Care Aware, the following items should be in your Professional Portfolio:

The cover sheet for my CDA Professional Portfolio

Together with documentation of your CDA education and training, such as official training records, college transcripts, certificates, or other proof that you have completed at least 120 hours of training, including at least 10 clock hours of training in each of the eight CDA subject areas, you should include a Summary of CDA Education cover sheet.

Together with the completed Family Questionnaires, which you distribute and retrieve from the majority of the families of the children in your care (a return from more than 50% of families is essential), there is also a Family Questionnaires Summary page.

  • Six Competency Reflective Statements: Written (between 300 and 500 words) summaries of your teaching methods, one for each of the six CDA Competency Standards.
  • Gathering of Resources: A particular set of resources for early childhood
  • Statement of Professional Philosophy: A two-page written synopsis that captures your professional views and values regarding early childhood education, how young children learn, and your position as an early childhood educator.

What is the duration required to obtain a Certificate in Child Development Associates?

Although there is no set time limit, earning a CDA often takes less time than earning an associate’s degree. Obtaining your certificate is typically less expensive than enrolling in college classes or getting a degree.

Childcare providers usually enroll in a training program, which varies in duration. These courses assist you with building your portfolio binder, earning the necessary professional development hours, buying the study book or books, and much more. They also help you get ready for the test.

After passing your exam, completing your 120 hours of professional development, passing the professional portfolio review, and passing your verification visit, you get your CDA.

What is the cost of becoming a CDA?

You must pay $425 to apply for your CDA exam and evaluation. A review of your professional portfolio and a verification visit are part of this. Affordable online training, such as the 13-month training course offered by ChildSavers, costs $20 per session ($260 total) plus $80 for books.

For $40, we also provide an extra quarterly Portfolio lesson. Throughout two evenings, this session will give you step-by-step directions on how to finish your CDA Professional Portfolio. Completing your CDA requires a Professional Portfolio.

When you train with ChildSavers, the total cost of completing your Child Development Associates Certificate could be as low as $805.

What is the cost of ChildSavers training?

The ChildSavers CDA Training Course consists of thirteen classes. The course books cost $80, and each lesson is $20 (one session per month). For $40, we also provide an extra quarterly Portfolio lesson.

Please be aware that the $425 CDA application cost is not included in our class. That will require a separate payment from you.

ChildSavers provides online CDA instruction! We provide a 13-month training program that prepares you for your exam and observation. We’ll support you during the process of obtaining your certificate, which will comprise:

A 13-month course is held once a month. Fear not—many evening classes are available each month!

One assignment every month consisting of thirteen chapters, comments on your progress, and a portfolio notebook that we will assist you in finishing.

Upon completing our training program, you will obtain a certificate of completion for the 120 hours of study required to apply for credentialing through the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C.

What prerequisites must one meet to enroll in ChildSavers’ CDA program?

To take part in the training, you have to:

  • Attend an early child care program, be at least 16 years old, and/or possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • have a job or volunteer position at a family day home or childcare facility.
  • Attend a CDA orientation hosted by ChildSavers (offered in December, March, May, and August).
  • Attend the specified monthly CDA class and turn in the necessary assignments (classes begin in January, April, June, and September).

How to Get Your Certification Renewed

Every three years, those who obtain a CDA certification must renew it. For paper applications, the cost to renew your CDA Credential is $150. Online applicants will be eligible for a $25.00 discount, and renewal fees are $125.00.

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