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Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Internship Program

by Adeel Ikram

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Internship Program 2022 Latest Updates

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Internship Program the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, today announced the launch of a Rs 407 billion interest-free credit package under the Kamyab Pakistan initiative. The government was able to announce price reductions in fuel and energy because the Federal Reserve Board, under the honest leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, collected record amounts of money.

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Internship Program

Graduate Internship Program for the Class of 2022

By establishing the PM Internship Program for Graduates in 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking significant steps toward transforming Pakistan into a progressive nation. The primary objective of this programme is to assist unemployed graduates by providing them with Rs. 30,000/- per month stipend.

Unemployed graduates will be offered a one-year position with a generous stipend through the PM Internship Program, which will allow them to demonstrate their skills and experience while looking for future employment opportunities. Over 150000 young people will participate in internships in a variety of fields.

It is true that the Prime Minister Youth Internship Program will begin with the support of Pepsi Co. in the near future. Job opportunities in marketing, finance, law, engineering, food technology, public administration, and business will be made available as a result of this excellent PM Internship Program.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Internship Program, interns will be placed in a variety of public and private organisations for a period of one year, including federal ministries, divisions, provincial departments, banks, industries, corporations, and a variety of public and private institutions.

Criteria for being considered for the PM Internship Program

Examine the Participation Criteria for the Internship Program in the late afternoon or evening.

  • The Higher Education Commission has recognised a bachelor’s degree from a Pakistani institution or college earned through an accredited programme (HEC).
  • Candidates who have completed Matriculation and have earned a three-year Associate Engineering diploma are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates for the position must be under the age of 25 in order to be considered.
  • Citizens of Pakistan are strongly encouraged to submit an application.
  • The submission of applications is strongly encouraged for both male and female applicants, as our internship programme does not discriminate on the basis of gender.
  • Individuals who apply for this position should not have participated in any Government Youth Training Program Training Programs prior to applying for the position in question.
  • Candidates must not be currently employed by any government or private entity in Pakistan.
  • Consequently, students who do not complete their studies will face repercussions in the future.

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Internship Program with Kamyab Jawan

The most important thing to remember is that the PM Internship Program 2022 has not yet been made public through an advertisement, and there is currently no application portal for the PM Internship Program.

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently expressed this point of view in his State of the Nation Address. It is expected that the contents of this programme will be broadcast on the radio and effectively promoted in the leading newspaper, in addition to other social media platforms, very soon.

Internship Program with Imran Khan

The economy of any country is heavily reliant on employment. The educated young people of any country will lead that country to prosperity. This is something on which Prime Minister Imran Khan is constantly focused, and during his time in office, he has taken a number of steps to assist the youth in becoming self-sufficient. The Kamyab Jawan Program, the Youth Loan Scheme, and the upcoming Prime Minister Internship Program 2022 are just a few of Imran Khan’s noteworthy initiatives.

Applying for the 2022 PM Internship Program is a simple process.

Following the formal release of the PM Internship Program 2022 in the coming days, a portal to apply for the PM Youth Internship Program ONLINE will be made available for use by those interested.

Who is eligible to apply for the PM Internship Program in the year 2022?

Graduates in any field who have completed a minimum of 16 years of education are eligible to apply. Additional information and requirements will be made available.

Visit Here For Apply

Apply procedure will be starting soon.

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