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Winter Holidays Announced in Punjab

Govt of Punjab Announced Winter Holidays

by Adeel Ikram

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi of Punjab has responded to the current cold weather situation in the province by introducing more winter vacations for students up to grade 1.

Winter Holidays Announced in Punjab

Winter Holidays Announced in Punjab

After dozens of children died from pneumonia in the province, Naqvi ordered that all exams scheduled for this month be rescheduled.

The Punjab School Education Department has sent a credible announcement. These elements were listed in the notice. From now until January 19, 2024, all public and private schools will observe the winter break for students in grades Prep, Nursery, and lower.

Everyone working in schools, including faculty and kids, must wear face masks. Students must wear warm clothing and other appropriate attire to prevent the spread of blood-borne pathogens.

School On January meetings On Januarytra curricular On January ties will not resume until January 31, 2024. ; until January 19, 2024, we shall not conduct any examination.

According to the chief minister, schools in Punjab will be shuttered every other week. Mohsin Naqvi said that eight out of ten children suffered from pneumonia during an emergency meeting at Children’s Hospital in Lahore today.

In addition, he stressed that many of the deceased children were infants less than six months.

Govt of Punjab Announced Winter Holidays

It should be mentioned that Naqvi had already announced earlier this week that the winter break for Punjabi universities and colleges could not be extended further.

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