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by Adeel Ikram

Computer Science MCQs

Computer MCQs

Computer MCQs, Personal Computer System MCQs, MS Office, MS Excel, MSWord, MCQ on the Internet, MCQ Quiz, MCQ of Compact, NTS GAT, Personal Computer has become the Most Requirement able Item in any work Almost all departments have computer demand. Plus it every important to know the fundamental understanding of computer. If you prefer to get entrance or job related to laptop or pc, you have to prepare online for comps MCQ’S concerns and answers.

Most of the test conductors such as FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC and also others, are integrating pc knowledge MCQs in their evaluation patron. Having a very good command on the pc system is very necessary. Here are a few MCQs regarding the Pc from basic to advance will enable our subscribers to successfully procure high marks from your computer part of the examination.

MS Word ShortCUT Keys

MS Excel ShortCut Keys

MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys

WWW stands for___________?