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How To Check Jazz Number

by Adeel Ikram

How To Check Jazz Number – Mobilink Number Check Code 2023

How To Check Jazz Number with over 60 million customers, Jazz is Pakistan’s most successful mobile network operator. Jazz is currently one of the leading providers of mobile networks and internet services in Pakistan.

How To Check Jazz Number

Previously, the company was known as Mobilink. Russian Alfa Group has been the owner of the company since the year 2010. In 1994, Saif Group and Motorola, Inc. formed this business as a partnership.

A brief history of jazz:

Orascom Telecom became the majority shareholder of Mobilink after purchasing Motorola’s stake in the company in February 2001. This transaction gave Orascom Telecom control of all of Mobilink’s voting shares.

However, in 2010, a Russian telecom operator called Vimpelcom, now known as VEON, completed a transaction that acquired most of Orascom Telecom’s assets, including Mobilink. This transaction was valued at $6.5 billion.

A brief history of jazz

Vimpelcom changed the name of Mobilink to Jazz after it acquired Warid Telecom, which is based in Pakistan and is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi group. As a result of Pakistan’s first-ever telecom merger, the country now has a combined subscriber base of more than 50 million people.

After the merger with Warid, Jazz was granted permission to use Warid’s technology-neutral licence, making it possible for them to become the country’s second LTE mobile network operator.

In addition, the PTA presented Jazz with the official award for its 4G spectrum in June 2017. Jazz became the second mobile network in Pakistan to successfully test a 5G network when it launched 5G trials for its customers at the beginning of this year. Jazz was the first mobile network in Pakistan to test the 5G network.

how to check jazz number status

If you want to know your contact number and have a Jazz sim, you don’t need to worry about it. You have arrived at the proper location. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the various approaches to checking the Jazz number that is available to you. Please stay here with us for a bit longer.

There are two straightforward and uncomplicated ways to How To Check Jazz Number while you’re on the move. The following are the procedures:

Method No1:

How to check Jazz number Customers of Jazz who have either prepaid or postpaid service can use this method to discover their Jazz number. Please proceed in the manner outlined below.

  • Please enter *99# into the dialer on your mobile device.

How To Check Jazz Number through dial code

  • Your number will be displayed in a window that will pop up on your screen (MSISDN: 923xx-xxxxxxx).


How To Check Jazz Number dial code

No cost will be associated when you check your number using this method.

Method No2:

Customers of all mobile network operators, including Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Jazz, can use this method to reset their passwords. This method allows users of prepaid and postpaid SIM cards to access all of the information associated with their SIM number. Proceed by following the directions that have been provided below.

  • Navigate to the messaging application on your mobile device.
  • Include the MNP in the body of the message and send it to the number 667.

How To Check Jazz Number sms

  • After a few minutes, you will be sent a message that contains all of the sim’s details, including the mobile number, the sim owner’s name, and the activation date.

How To Check Jazz Number by sms

This service does not come without a charge. You will be required to pay a fee to make use of it.

Users of the Jazz SIM card can also call the customer service hotline to obtain information such as the SIM Number, registered location, owner name, and so on.

Dial 111 on your mobile phone to contact the jazz helpline. How to check Jazz number the operator will provide all of the details associated with your SIM card after asking you a few questions, such as your name and CNIC.

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