Punjab Educational Boards Increased Remuneration for Paper Marking

Punjab Educational Boards Increased Remuneration for Paper Marking – Latest Update

According to recent reports, the rates for paper marking have been raised across the board for all education boards. The Education Board has decided to increase the fees for checking papers in the matriculation examination. Each piece that has to be matched must now have at least 50 marks to be eligible for a payment of Rs 45.

Punjab Educational Boards Increased Remuneration for Paper Marking - Latest Update

A paper charge of Rs.35 will be granted for checking copies of Matric examinations with fewer than 50 marks, and a paper rate of Rs.50 will be offered for examining Intermediate examination papers with more than 50 marks. In the Intermediate level, a copy checker who receives fewer than 50 marks will receive 40 rupees for each piece they check.

The decision that the Assistant Examiner will be paid 3.30 Indian Rupees after inspecting the paper has been applauded by the paper markers, and there is no indication that the decision will be reconsidered. In light of the current state of the economy in the nation, the increase in pay for those responsible for inspecting documents is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, the Federal Board FBISE has announced the GPA System for Matric and Intermediate.

This decision was reached during a meeting of the Punjab Board Committee Chairman, and it would be implemented throughout all education boards, including the Lahore Board of Education.

In addition, the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education FBISE revised its policy on awarding marks; now, rather than awarding marks, the FBISE will use the grade point average system in the educational

establishments it oversees. Additionally, FBISE raises the percentage of students who pass the exam.
According to the announcement, the passing marks at the SSC and HSSC levels have been raised from 33% to 40%.

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